Toronto protesters seek justice for child abuse victims

STORY: Canada's state-sanctioned schools forcibly separated about 150,000 children indigenous children from their families, subjecting many of them to physical and sexual abuse.

The country's Truth and Reconciliation Commission has called the practice "cultural genocide."

On April 1 Pope Francis issued an apology for the Catholic Church's role. "For the deplorable behavior of those members of the Catholic Church, I ask forgiveness from God and I would like to tell you from the bottom of my heart that I am very pained," he said.

But protesters say the Pope's apology does not go far enough. Protesting outside St Michael's Cathedral Basilica, they hung up the name's of abuse victims on the cathedral's fence.

As part of a 2006 settlement agreement, an entity incorporated by the Catholic Church agreed to pay C$79 million ($63.2 million) to an Aboriginal healing foundation, to survivors through services, such as counseling, and further fundraising.

According to the Indian Residential School History and Dialogue Centre, a 2015 court ruling let the Catholic Church off the hook with tens of millions from the 2006 settlement unpaid.

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