Tornado whips through homes picking up debris in Bangkok, Thailand

This is the terrifying moment a tornado damaged homes in Thailand. The powerful gust of swirling wind was seen in the Phra Ram 3 area of the Thai capital Bangkok late on Monday afternoon October 4. Footage shows pieces of piece of wood, roof tiles and dust being sucked into the sky by the powerful twister as terrified residents looked on. Onlooker Supakorn Meepan said: ‘I have never seen anything like it before. It took down the trees in my garden.’ Resident Ha Kumpa was one of the residents who recorded the dark whirlwind while she was preparing food for her family. She added: ‘I was praying it didn’t move towards my home.’ The tornado lasted for more than five minutes before it gradually dissipated. There were no injuries reported but a number of buildings in the area were damaged.

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