Tornado-Warned Storm Barrels Through Southwestern Ohio

The National Weather Service said people should be prepared to “move quickly” as a strong and severe storm traveled through southwestern Ohio on Monday, February 27.

The service said damaging winds were the primary threat but warned of the possibility of tornadoes.

Footage captured by Bradley Crum shows dark clouds moving across Middletown, Ohio. The NWS also issued a hazardous weather outlook and a wind advisory in the region. Credit: Bradley Crum via Storyful

Video transcript

BRADLEY CRUM: See it right over there? It's behind that tree. Fallen debris. Right in the middle of the frame there was the rotation.

Still see a wall cloud there. I don't see anything dropping down, but. There's still a rope. It's there.

Right in the middle of the frame-- still there. Trying to drop again. Keeps dropping down.