Tornado rips off roof in Littlehampton, West Sussex

A tornado has blown a roof off a house in West Sussex.

Poor weather conditions in Littlehampton and Wick on Saturday night have been categorised a T4 tornado by the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation (TORRO).

Strong winds brought by the tornado blew the roof off the home and on to the other side of the street, as well as damaging street and garden furniture.

One person living in the damaged home was taken to hospital for shock, but no one has been reported injured.

TORRO site investigators were called to the seaside town on Sunday.

They thanked members of the public for providing eyewitness accounts and said the full details of the weather event are still being finalised.

One resident told Sussex World they were "shocked" to see a whole boundary wall blown away.

Southern and western parts of England, south Wales and eastern Scotland have yellow weather warnings for rain in place on Sunday.

Further warnings have been issued every day until Thursday with the Met Office naming Storm Ciaran, forecast to hit next week.

It comes after Storm Babet killed at least seven people earlier this month.

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Met Office deputy chief meteorologist Chris Almond said of the storm: "Winds associated with Storm Ciaran are likely to gust to 80mph along the south coast of England, with a small risk of somewhere exposed seeing 90mph, and winds could even gust up to 50mph or 60mph further inland."

He added: "This deep low-pressure system will also bring heavy rain to much of the UK, but the heaviest rain is expected in southern and western areas with 20 to 25mm quite widely across the region but up to 40 to 60mm potentially over higher ground.

"Heavy and persistent rain will fall on to already saturated ground bringing a risk of further impacts such as flooding in areas that are already struggling to clean up from the heavy rainfall we have seen over the last week or so."