Top comment on teen's Instagram post goes mega viral for Thailand, Muay Thai dare


An American teen recently went viral on Instagram after the top comment in his challenge post, which gave a shout-out to Thailand and Muay Thai, received over 2.5 million likes and attracted many well-known Thais.

The context: Seventh-grader Reed Harrington challenged his followers in an Instagram reels post on Sept. 28, telling them that when he hit 200,000 followers, he would do “whatever the top comment says” in his video post and then post it on his Instagram.

Harrington’s post has so far received 1.6 million likes since its posting.

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Unexpected top comment: Instagram user @fiven9nekid challenged Harrington to “fly to [a] small town in Thailand, get accepted by their people, learn the language, train in [muay] thai for a year and a half, fight in a tournament, win the tournament, return to the USA and join the UFC, stay in shape and go undefeated in your weight class, retire and do an interview saying this comment was the reason you fought so hard.”

The Instagram comment has received over 2.5 million likes, an exorbitant number that may make it the platform's most-liked comment , and putting the onus on Harrington to complete the challenge. The teen may actually push through with the plan, as he set up a GoFundMe campaign for his and his father’s trip to the Southeast Asian country.

It attracted big names: Harrington’s viral moment has attracted many well-known Thai figures, including Muay Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek and former Thai Finance Minister Korn Chatikavanij. Besides Buakaw, Chatikavanij also tagged martial arts movie star Tony Jaa in his comment.

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Writing in his comment, Buakaw welcomed Harrington and said that he and the Governor Tourism Authority of Thailand are ready to take care of him when he goes to the country.

Some comments even offered free services to the teen, including one from the company Waterdrop, which is willing to sponsor the teen’s “hydration supply for the 18-month program.”


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