Top Hermès ‘grail’ bags, yellow diamonds galore: Here’s what Rosmah allegedly spent RM1.6b of 1MDB funds on

Malay Mail
Malay Mail
  • Among the luxury items allegedly acquired by Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor using RM1.6 billion of 1MDB funds were Hermès bags: “35cm Rose/Amethyste Croc Horse Shoe Special Order” (RM613,250) and "30cm Himalayan Birkin" (RM424,558)

  • The jewellery included yellow diamond necklace (RM8.4 million) and a ring featuring a 21.13-carat Emerald-cut Fancy Light Yellow S11 Diamond (RM2.2 million)

KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 — Malay Mail reported yesterday that 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), SRC International Sdn Bhd and nine other entities had filed a lawsuit against Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor in a bid to recover a total of US$346 million (RM1.64 billion) in misappropriated funds.

Rosmah is accused having knowingly procured, received or is in possession of luxury goods comprising jewellery, bags and watches using the misappropriated funds from 48 vendors from 14 different countries.

So what did she allegedly buy with all that money?

Based on invoices for the alleged purchases released today, as part of court documents, one item that caught Malay Mail’s eye was listed as “35cm Rose/Amethyste Croc Horse Shoe Special Order”.

According to a copy of the invoice purportedly sent to Black Rock Commodities (Global) Ltd dated September 9, 2013, it cost US$130,000 (RM613,250).

While its exact appearance is unclear, a quick Google search by Malay Mail revealed that the term “horseshoe” likely denotes a specially commissioned, custom-made handbag from French luxury goods purveyor, Hermès.

Another item of note listed in the same invoice was a 30cm Himalayan Birkin bag in crocodile leather, also by Hermès and costing US$90,000 (RM424,558).

A bag in this leather option by Hermès is widely considered to be a ‘holy grail’ of collectibles from the brand.

In fashion, the term ‘holy grail’ refers to an extremely coveted, rare, or iconic item that style enthusiasts or collectors highly desire.

As for jewellery, an invoice from Hong Kong-based Firestone Company Limited showed that some of the allegedly misappropriated funds were used for a yellow diamond necklace with a pair of radiant diamond earrings worth US$1,775,000 in October 2011 and a ring worth US$456,000 with a “21.13-carat Emerald-cut Fancy Light Yellow S11 Diamond” as its centrepiece in May 2010.

Other notable jewellery purchases from Firestone include an oval ruby bracelet worth US$225,000 fitted with rubies including a 24.44-carat ruby purportedly belonging to Rosmah, in May 2010.

In May 2011, Rosmah allegedly purchased a US$714,000 worth emerald cut diamond ring fitted with a “10.71-carat Emerald-cut Light Pink VVS1 Diamond” as its centrepiece.

In November 2012, Rosmah allegedly purchased a US$610,000 pear emerald necklace and earring set where a “32.64-carat Pear 7' Emeralds” was fitted in the necklace's centrepiece.

Rosmah also allegedly made other jewellery purchases including fitting some of them with one of her own gemstones in July 2013 worth US$2 million in total.

  • Heart diamond bracelet worth US$178,000 (RM839,723)

  • Emerald cut sapphire brooch worth US$265,000 (RM1,250,156)

  • Pear cab emerald earring worth US$88,000 (RM415,158)

  • Sapphire necklace worth US$3,850 (RM18,163)

  • Oval sapphire earring worth US$46,750 (RM220,559)

  • Pear emerald earring worth US$64,000 (RM301,943)

  • Cab sugarloaf emerald worth US$215,000 (RM1,014,342)

  • Oval sapphire brooch worth US$235,000 (RM1,108,699)

  • Round diamond brooch US$215,000 (RM1,014,342)

  • Mix sapphire necklace US$55,725 (RM262,897)

  • Mix sapphire bracelet US$18,675 (RM88,102)

  • Oval diamond earring US$85,000 (RM401,004)

  • Princess-cut diamond ring US$130,000 (RM613,272)

  • Radiant diamond ring US$400,000 (RM1,886,990)

In September the same year, Rosmah allegedly bought six items totalling US$2,093,106 comprising a full emerald set piece — which include a pear emerald necklace worth US$1,100,000 fitted with a 37.59-carat emerald centrepiece, a pear emerald earring worth US$240,000, a pear emerald ring worth US$150,000 and a pear emerald bracelet worth US$305,000.

The remaining two other items were a pear diamond earring worth US$200,000 (RM943,595) and a pear emerald ring worth US$98,106 (RM462,861).

Fast-forward to November, Rosmah again purportedly made a string of purchases — totalling 14 items — worth US$2,125,000 (RM10,025,106).

  • Emerald cut emerald earring worth US$95,000 (RM448,180)

  • Emerald cut emerald earring worth US$85,000 (RM401,003)

  • Cushion diamond ring worth US$85,000 (RM401,003)

  • Pear diamond ring worth US$95,000 (RM448,180)

  • Cushion sapphire ring worth US$160,000 (RM754,864)

  • Cab oval sapphire earring worth US$85,000 (RM401,003)

  • Cab oval sapphire brooch worth US$160,000 (RM754,864)

  • Radiant diamond ring worth US$527,000 (RM2,486,223)

  • Emerald cut sapphire brooch worth US$175,000 (RM825,596)

  • Oval diamond bracelet worth US$180,000 (RM849,184)

  • Radiant diamond bracelet US$285,000 (RM1,344,542)

  • Cushion ruby ring US$35,000 (RM165,125)

  • Oval diamond earring US$53,000 (RM250,047)

  • Heart sapphire earring US$105,000 (RM495,376)

In February 2014, a total of 12 items totalling US$2,150,000 (RM10,143,447) were purchased by Rosmah according to invoices issued.

  • Cushion sapphire ring worth US$105,000 (RM495,376)

  • Emerald cut sapphire ring worth US$95,000 (RM448,180)

  • Cab oval sapphire ring worth US$42,000 (RM198,132)

  • Heart diamond ring worth US$86,000 (RM405,700)

  • Radiant diamond earring worth US$425,000 (RM2,004,930)

  • Radiant diamond pendant worth US$425,000 (RM2,004,930)

  • Cushion diamond earring worth US$285,000 (RM1,344,542)

  • Heart sapphire brooch worth US$295,000 (RM1,391,754)

  • Baguette sapphire brooch worth US$145,000 (RM684,082)

  • Pear diamond brooch worth US$83,000 (RM391,578)

  • Heart diamond earring worth US$70,000 (RM330,243)

  • Pear diamond earring worth US$94,000 (RM443,470)

In April 2014, Rosmah also allegedly purchased a US$478,000 (RM2,255,122) pear diamond necklace plus earring set and a US$322,000 (RM1,519,100) worth radiant diamond ring.

She also allegedly purchased two radiant diamond brooches worth US$472,600 (RM2,229,597) in August 2014.

Another Hong Kong-based high-end jeweller, Duke of Milan Limited also issued three invoices between May 2012 and August 2013 for the purchases of nine jewellery pieces such as diamond earring, diamond bracelets and diamond necklaces worth US$6.9 million (RM32,552,286).

The jewellery invoices issued by Firestone and Duke of Milan to offshore paying entities were dated between May 2010 and August 2014.

Some of the offshore paying entities named were Aabar Investments PJS Limited, Alsen Chance Holdings Limited, Black Rock Commodities (Global) Ltd, Blackstone Asia Real Estate Partners Limited and Brightstone Jewellery Limited.

All the intermediaries except Aabar Investments listed above are already under liquidation which means they are closing down and their assets are being sold off to pay their debts.

Firestone and Duke of Milan are two of the 48 vendors from which Rosmah allegedly purchased luxury goods that were then paid for by offshore entities said to be controlled by Jho Low and his associates.

According to the same court documents, the jewellery were purchased on behalf of Rosmah and personally picked up by one woman named Shabnam Naraindas Daswani, also known as Natasha Mirpuri, who is also named as a defendant in the ongoing suit.

In the suit, the plaintiffs are seeking the court to compel both Rosmah and Shabnam to be accountable for damages or equitable compensation, for an account of profits, for exemplary or aggravated damages, interest as well as costs on a full indemnity basis.

They are also asking the court to compel Rosmah to return any items she has in her possession and or to pay the sum of of US$346,010,489 (or approximately RM1.632 billion at the exchange rate at the date of filing this suit) or such other sum assessed by the court on the grounds it was knowing receipt and or unjust enrichment when it was transferred to her in breach of fiduciary duties and breach of trust.

As for Shabnam, the plaintiffs are asking for the court to determine a sum on the grounds of dishonest assistance.

  • Rosmah was accused of buying jewellery, handbags, and other luxury items using funds from 1MDB and SRC International across 14 countries between 2010 and 2014

  • 1MDB and SRC International have since filed an injuction to prevent Rosmah from removing or disposing her assets

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