Top Exhibitors in Europe Ranked By Screen Count: Odeon, Cineworld and Vue Lead

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Odeon Cinemas Group, the U.K.-based European subsidiary of AMC Theatres, currently ranks as Europe’s largest exhibition circuit in terms of number of screens, followed by by Cineworld (U.K.), Vue International (U.K.), and Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont (France).

Such are the findings of a study conducted by trade body The International Union of Cinemas (UNIC), which represents exhibitors across 39 European territories, in tandem with specialized publication Boxoffice Pro.

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The study, titled “Giants of Exhibition: Europe,” ranks Europe’s top 50 exhibition groups by screen count and is being released ahead of the annual CineEurope exhibitors convention, which will be held June 20-23 in Barcelona, where a ceremony will honor these circuits on June 21.

According to the study, which clocks the situation up until Jan. 1, 2022, Odeon Cinemas now has nearly 2,500 screens across the U.K. and Ireland, Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

The top four European operators are rounded out by Cineworld (U.K.); Vue International (U.K.), and Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont (France). Each of the top four circuits on this year’s list have a multi-national European presence of over 1,000 screens across the region.

The fifth player is Cinemaximum, which operates 848 screens in Turkey. Though the country is not officially part of the European Union, it is a UNIC member. Below are exact figures.

Top 5 exhibition circuits in Europe by screen count

1. Odeon Cinemas Group (United Kingdom)

Corporate Parent: AMC Theatres (United States)

Screens: 2,493 | Locations: 286
European Brands: Cinesa, Filmstaden, Finnkino, Odeon, UCI
European Markets: Finland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, U.K. & Ireland

2. Cineworld (United Kingdom)

Screens: 2,142 | Locations: 230
European Brands: Cinema City, Cineworld, Picturehouse
European Markets: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, U.K. & Ireland.

3. Vue International (United Kingdom)

Screens: 1,972 | Locations: 227
European Brands: Cinemaxx, MultiKino, The Space Cinema, Vue
European Markets: Denmark, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, U.K. & Ireland.

4. Les Cinémas Pathé Gaumont (France)

Screens: 1,305 | Locations: 129
European Brands: Pathé
European Markets: Belgium, France, Netherlands, Switzerland

5. Cinemaximum (Turkey)

Screens: 848 | Locations: 97
Corporate Parent: CJ CGV (South Korea)
European Brands: Cinemaximum

Remaining rankings:

6. CGR Cinémas (France)
Screens: 705 | Locations: 74
European Brands: CGR Cinémas

7. Russian Cinema Chain
No information provided

8. Kinepolis (Netherlands)
Screens: 608 | Locations: 58
European Brands: Kinepolis
European Markets: Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland

9. UGC (France)
Screens: 586 | Locations: 57
European Brands: UGC
European Markets: Belgium, France

10. Cineplex (Germany)
Screens: 562 | Locations: 92
European Brands: Cineplex

11. Yelmo Cines (Spain)
Screens: 533 | Locations: 53
Corporate Parent: Cinépolis (Mexico)
European Brands: Yelmo Cines

12. Russian Cinema Chain
No information provided

13. Cineplexx (Austria)
Screens: 446 | Locations: 68
European Brands: Cineplexx
European Markets: Albania, Austria, Bosnia, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia

14. CineStar (Germany)
Screens: 376 | Locations: 48
European Brands: CineStar

15. Helios (Poland)
Screens: 291 | Locations: 52
European Brands: Helios

16. Russian Cinema Chain
No information provided

17. Nordisk Film Cinemas (Denmark)
Screens: 258 | Locations: 47
European Brands: Nordisk Film Cinemas
European Markets: Denmark, Norway, Sweden

18. Omniplex (Ireland)
Screens: 255 | Locations: 34
European Brands: Omniplex

18. Russian Cinema Chain
No information provided

20. National Amusements (United Kingdom)
Screens: 241 | Locations: 18
Corporate Parent: National Amusements (United States)
European Brands: Showcase Cinemas

21. Svenska Bio (Sweden)
Screens: 222 | Locations: 53
European Brands: Svenska Bio

22. MK2 (France)
Screens: 211 | Locations: 23
European Brands: MK2, CineSur
European Markets: France, Spain

23. Megarama (France)
Screens: 209 | Locations: 27
European Brands: Megarama
European Markets: France, Spain

24. Cinemas NOS (Portugal)
Screens: 208 | Locations: 29
European Brands: Cinemas NOS

25. Ocine (Spain)
Screens: 204 | Locations: 22
European Brands: Ocine

26. Multiplex Cinemas (Ukraine)
Screens: 181 | Locations: 30
European Brands: Multiplex Cinemas

27. CinemaPink (Turkey)
Screens: 173 | Locations: 24
European Brands: CinemaPink

28. Russian Cinema Chain
No information provided

29. Blitz CineStar (Serbia)
Screens: 161 | Locations: 26
European Brands: Blitz CineStar
European Markets: Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia

30. Russian Cinema Chain
No information provided

31. Kinopolis (Germany)
Screens: 143 | Locations: 16
European Brands: Kinopolis

32. IMC Cinemas (Ireland)
Screens: 140 | Locations: 20
European Brands: IMC Cinemas

33. Empire Cinemas (U.K.)
Screens: 137 | Locations: 15
European Brands: Empire Cinemas

34. Odeon Multicines (Spain)
Screens: 137 | Locations: 14
European Brands: Odeon Multicines

35. Russian Cinema Chain
No information provided

36. Cineville (France)
Screens: 122 | Locations: 16
European Brands: Cineville

37. Everyman Cinemas (United Kingdom)
Screens: 119 | Locations: 36
European Brands: Everyman Cinemas

38. Union Cine Ciudad (Spain)
Screens: 118 | Locations: 13
European Brands: Union Cine Ciudad

39. Cinemarine (Turkey)
Screens: 110 | Locations: 15
European Brands: Cinemarine

40. Filmpalast (Germany)
Screens: 102 | Locations: 15
European Brands: Filmpalast

41. Prestige (Turkey)
Screens: 101 | Locations: 12
European Brands: Prestige

42. CineStar (Czech Republic)
Screens: 98 | Locations: 13
European Brands: CineStar

43. Avsar Sinema (Turkey)
Screens: 96 | Locations: 10
European Brands: Avsar Sinema

44. Cinemax (Slovakia)
Screens: 91 | Locations: 16
European Brands: Cinemax
European Markets: Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia

45. Cines ACEC (Spain)
Screens: 90 | Locations: 10
European Brands: Cines ACEC

46. Giometti Cinema (Italy)
Screens: 87 | Locations: 12
European Brands: Giometti Cinema

47. Light Cinemas (U.K.)
Screens: 86 | Locations: 11
European Brands: Light Cinemas

48. Artesiete (Spain)
Screens: 85 | Locations: 12
European Brands: Artesiete

49. Cineplace (Portugal)
Screens: 85 | Locations: 14
European Brands: Cineplace

50. Grand Ecran (France)
Screens: 85 | Locations: 11
European Brands: Grand Ecran

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