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AP PHOTOS: Hong Kong family leaves a changing city for UK

HONG KONG (AP) — After two years of turmoil and change, Hong Kong was not the same for Mike Hui. One month ago, the 36-year-old photographer pulled up roots and moved with his wife and young daughter to the U.K. to try starting anew. “I felt that I couldn’t stay anymore, and that I couldn’t let my next generation grow up in a society like this,” he said. His departure came after anti-government protests divided the city in 2019 and a subsequent crackdown that has rounded up democracy activists and stifled dissent. Until early April, Hui was a photojournalist for the Apple Daily, a pro-democracy newspaper that shut down last week following the arrest of five top editors and executives and the freezing of its assets under a national security law that China's ruling Communist Party imposed on Hong Kong as part of the crackdown.