Top 11 trailers you need to see from Summer Game Fest 2024

 Black Myth: Wu Kong.
Black Myth: Wu Kong.

Geoff Keighley's E3-replacement Summer Game Fest kicked off its latest iteration today. While there will be other showcases over the next few days, including an Xbox Showcase, a Ubisoft showcase and an Indie show, this round-up takes a look at the big trailer livestream that kickstarted the whole Fest.

The video game trailer showcase featured over 50 games or gaming adjacent trailers over two hours of advertising.

We've compiled a list of everything below but if you don't want to go through the list or rewatch the live stream, check out our picks of 11 of the most interesting trailers we saw.

Surprisingly, of the 50+ games mentioned, everything was at least a little bit interesting.

11 Best Games at Summer Game Fest 2024

LEGO Horizon Adventures

There was an inkling that a LEGO version of Guerilla Game's Aloy was coming, but it was still a delightful surprise to see the game open the Summer Game Fest show. LEGO games tend to be very silly and poke fun at the IP they inhabit. Horizon Adventures looks to be the same and I'm more than willing to dive back into Aloy's robot dinosaur world, even, especially in LEGO form.


When Geoff Keighley announced that the team behind Choo Choo Charles had a new game coming, my curiosity was piqued. While the horror train game was weird somehow I wasn't expecting the chaos of a rainbow of bears (?)...aliens (?) creatures (?) instigating a prison break. It's a multiplayer escape game/puzzle game and it looks ridiculous. Can't wait to try it in 2025, maybe.

Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars Outlaws has curated a certain amount of controversy because of Ubisoft's insane season pass, but I can't say that I'm not still interested.

The game play trailer that we saw at Summer Game Fest showed off the open world and some of the gameplay. Terrible season pass or not, I would love to be immersed in that universe.

Blumhouse Games

Blumhouse Games showed off six different horror games that the company will be publishing over the next year or so.

All six games; Crisol Theater of Idols, Grave Seasons, Sleep Awake, Fear the Spotlight, The Simulation, Project C, look interesting.

I am most curious about Grave Seasons and its aesthetic that looks somewhere between Hades' character design and if Earthbound leaned even more into horror. Of course, Project C from Her Story creator Sam Barlow and Brandon Cronenberg caught my eye. Video games are probably where the Cronenbergs were always meant to be.

Among Us - Innersloth sponsored games

The company behind Among Us, Innersloth, apparently was so successful that they've decided to give back to the game dev community by funding indie games. At Summer Game Fest they showed off six games.

Of those, Battle Suit Aces and One Btn Bosses really caught my eye. I am curious about Mossfield Archives, but there wasn't much in the trailer to latch on to. Battle Suit Aces though appears to be a card battler RPG centered around mechs and maybe cooking? I don't know, but I want to find out.

Phantom Blade 0

Phantom Blade Zero looked awesome when PlayStation revealed the game last year. Now, Sony has started showing off gameplay trailers.

And it looks good. The enemy design is interesting despite the gray and brown pallet that the game appears to be rocking. I am a little worried about what looks like some quick-time fight features, but otherwise, the combat looks smooth and flowing, which is what we want from this type of game.

Black Myth Wukong

Black Myth Wukong stunned audiences when Game Science dropped a trailer for it in mid-May. The trailer that debuted at Summer Game Fest was little more than an advertisement for the various editions of the game that are coming, but I am still hyped for this single-player action RPG.


Look, it's very simple, this trailer had me at from the developers behind The Stanley Parable. What looks like a cozy, running a teashop game obviously has a twist involving the main character's fighting past.

I don't know what Ivy Road is going to do with this game, but I am excited to find out.


Surprisingly, there were two games announced with a person in the woods who hangs out with a deer-esque creature. Of the two, Neva's wolf-deer creature is less deer like but it is from the people behind the beautiful Gris.

The art style in Neva is reminiscent of Gris with a mix of its own aesthetic. I want to play this game just for the art style. Beyond that, it appears to be a platformer with some combat and somewhere in there a sad story about the bond between a person and their animal friend.


Slitterhead is from ex-Silent Hill devs who founded Bokeh Game Studio. Their new game looks like a mix of Resident Evil's bulbous splitting zombies, The Thing and janky PS2 graphics. Which fits in with the Silent Hill feel.

Unlike Silent Hill, it looks more action-y with the people and animal hopping and it looks like having to fight monsters as various humans in the city.

Also, traversal seems to be intestine-based as you swing through the city like a gory Spider-Man.

Killer Bean

There are other games showcased that could go here. Sid Meier's Civ 7, Tears of Metal (looks righteous), Space Marine 2, and Power Rangers; Rita's Rewind to name a few.

However, none of them look terrible and as though the people behind Veggie Tales decided they were done with religion and played a GTA game.

It looks dumb and I want to play it.

Everything Featured at Summer Game Fest 2024

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