Top 9 tweets from Malindo Air's hijacked account

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The Twitter homepage appears on a screen in Washington in 2010. USA Today, the flagship paper of Gannett, the largest US newspaper chain, issued on apology on Sunday after the hackers seized control of the @usatoday account and issued a series of tweets

Last week, Malindo Air underwent what seems to be the worst social media disaster in the history of social media disasters. Their Twitter account @Malindo_Air was hacked by an unidentified person who took the liberty of posting a number of insulting tweets from the account.

Malindo Air reclaimed the account within 24 hours of the initial postings, tweeted an apology and deleted the offensive tweets. However the alleged hacker somehow managed to re-hack the account and has been freely posting tweets since then.

Malindo Air is still in the process of investigating the case, and according to their Facebook Page, they're still "working to secure it". That was 8 days ago anyway. While waiting for them, check out the 9 funniest hijacked tweets before they delete it!

1. "Dear all, in view of the recent events, Malindo Air is giving away 100,000 free seats from today till end of the week."

2."We are going to have new routes soon, as soon as when people start buying us new planes to fly there."

3."Dear passengers, smoking is not allowed on board our flights. Monkeys too. Unicorn is okay."

4."Boss not in office. Youtube time."

5."Share with your OD experience. Mine was a petai filled fart in mid-air. Should have opened the window instead."

6."Does it matter if its hacked or not? Are you preferring boring official statements? That's for the news paper. This is Twitter."

7."Plane touch down, immediately you can hear Whatsapp and SMS buzzing. Some even "Hellooo .. teng mm dou .. haa?""

8."Some people would rather we don't delay flights, and fly with engineering problems. These people must be crazy."

9."Usually the AAA+ grade weed. Else AA will do. Cut cost. RT @Guru_Nathan: @Malindo_Air what do u guys feed the unicorn?"

As expected, netizens joined in the fun and posted hilarious replies and retweets in support of both Malindo Air and the anonymous hacker/hijacker. People in the social media industry have more to add, though:

Teoh Mei Ying, business owner, Myris Consultancy

"It's funny and I don't think it'll hurt the airline's reputation but companies have got to be more careful with their passwords and who has those passwords. I'm surprised that after they realised the account has been hacked, the password has not been changed and the hacker could still continue to tweet using the account."

Rebecca Saw, founder, Rouge Communications

"Thanks Malindo Air for keeping us amused. On a serious note, I've seen worse social media incidents and the brands survived. We Malaysians are very forgiving. Keep calm & do keep the free seats coming yea?"

Brian Chong (goldfries), writer/blogger, photographer, web designer

"Some say Malindo Air's Twitter account was hijacked but going by the tweets, it could be a very clever marketing strategy. The tweets are hilarious, and it's the next best thing after the Facebook page called SMRT that's the parody for Singapore's public transportation service provider. Regardless whether the account was hacked or not, Malindo Air is definitely having greater online viewership than ever."

Vernon Chan, blogger,

"I'm surprised that the purported hijack has lasted so long. While entertaining, it reflects badly on the brand. Social media, after all, is a double-edged sword. Situations like this can be avoided with proper management."

Jonathan Yip (via Facebook)

"Personally, I think the Malindo Twitter scandal is a major PR failure (if they were pulling stunts) or just plain amateur (if they really got hacked, twice). Won't they actually bother changing to a stronger password? Whatever stunt they're pulling, it's bad and they should feel bad."

In the end

What do you think? Is this the worst PR disaster in history? Or maybe, just maybe, is this an absolutely brilliant marketing campaign done guerilla-style? Sound off in the comments below!