Top 10 Hairstyles For Balding Men To Reclaim Their Crowning Glory

hairstyles for balding men
hairstyles for balding men

Navigating life from your teens to mid-twenties means tackling a lot of skincare and haircare-related issues. Just as we say goodbye to pesky acne, hair concerns start cropping up by our early 30s. Whether it’s by choice or fate, early hair loss can be emotionally taxing as well. Suddenly, life becomes more about an inner ‘coming to terms’ conflict than conforming to the template of a desirable man. 

Research also reveals that two in every three men will start experiencing hair loss or hair thinning by the age of 35! So, while we don’t plan on intruding on your Google search history, if ‘hairstyles for balding men’ is something you’ve been searching for lately, you’d be pleased to know that we have got you covered.

Enter a range of hairstyles that work like magic for balding men. These hairstyles will make the best of a bad situation to help you flaunt a hairdo that looks stylish while being easy to maintain even with a receding hairline and/or patches of bald spots. Check them out! 

The top 10 hairstyles for balding men to try out 

From slick undercuts and cleverly faded short styles to longer tousled-up looks  – in this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the best hairstyles for balding men, including options for those with round faces and semi-bald styles. Let’s discover how you can reclaim your crowning glory.

Close buzz cut with a defined hairstyle

hairstyles for balding men
Picture Credits: Instagram/Drake

One particularly macho hairstyle for men who have their hairline on point but are dealing with some thinning at the crown is the close buzz cut. Ask your barber to perfect that hairline while keeping the rest of the crown closely shaved. It’s not hair loss – it’s a new level of cool. Plus, it’s Drake-verified.

High undercut with a slicked back top

Picture Credits: Instagram/AP Dhillon
Picture Credits: Instagram/AP Dhillon

Defying convention, slicking the front of your hair straight back instead of sideways can effectively camouflage a receding hairline. When those crown-thinning patches bug you, it’s time to consider the high undercut. Picture this: a sleek shave from the sides to the crown, leaving that top length for slicking back with a pomade or gel. After all, that’s how AP Dhillon likes to turn heads.


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Flat pompadour with tapered sides

hairstyles for balding men
Picture Credits: Instagram/Vicky Kaushal

This medium pompadour with tapered sides is key to unlocking a suave look. With a bit of extra length up top, you’ve got options to play with your hair: either style it slicked back or keep it flat to the front – it’s totally your call! Not to mention, this makes for a great hairstyle to camouflage your receding hairline and flaunt a smooth, sophisticated edge!

The signature Prince William look

hairstyles for balding men
Picture Credit: Instagram/@Princewilliambr

Let’s give credit where it’s due! While Prince William didn’t invent this style, he has more or less become the poster child for it. His signature look leaves a touch of length on top while keeping the sides short. The royal basically took balding and turned it into an art, in the process popularising a particularly decent hairstyle for semi-bald men.

Messy tousled-up fringe

Picture Credit: Instagram/Sam Claflin
Picture Credit: Instagram/Sam Claflin

A fresh take on the straight fringe, this hairstyle will add a dose of nonchalance to your look. Ideal for concealing a widow’s peak, it’s a low-maintenance choice requiring quality wax or mousse for that perfect messy finish.

Artsy front quiff with a side fade

hairstyles for balding men
Picture Credits: Instagram/Adam Levine

Capture the essence of Adam Levine’s style with a front quiff and side fade combo. Reminiscent of Levine’s iconic image, regular maintenance reflects the precision of this look. This can be a cool choice for men with thinning hair seeking a suave look.

Crew cut with a full beard

Picture Credits: Instagram/Virat Kohli
Picture Credits: Instagram/Virat Kohli

For a ruggedly masculine vibe, a full beard is a godsend. Pair it with a short cut on top for maximum impact like Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. Do make sure to brush the front hair forward to mask thinning areas. Apply product and lightly tousle for added texture that perfectly complements the bold beard and its masculine aura.

Easy spikes brushed forward

hairstyles for balding men
Picture Credits: Instagram/David Beckham

Cop this David Beckham haircut and unlock the allure of a ‘hot dad’ charm with this easy spikes brushed forward hairstyle. To ace it, arm yourself with a texturizing cream and light-hold hairspray, and you are good to go.

Sleek combover razor fade

hairstyles for balding men
Picture Credits: Instagram/Christiano Ronaldo

Upgrade your style with the combover razor fade like Christiano Ronaldo. This hairstyle is both classic and contemporary. The combover razor fade takes the sophistication of a traditional side part and gives it a modern twist. It features a precisely defined part that would highlight your sharp, chiselled features while making your overall appearance edgier. 

High and tight

Picture Credits: Instagram/Zayn Malik
Picture Credits: Instagram/Zayn Malik

Take notes from this easygoing military hairstyle to nail a natty look even while experiencing hair loss. The textured top adds some much-needed volume to your hair, while the tapered fade works wonders to downplay thinner areas. No more excessive gel or complicated routines are required with this one – it’s that effortlessly cool! 


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Which is the best hairstyle for balding men?
For minimal balding, try a short buzz cut or a crop cut to minimise the contrast. For more significant balding, consider a close buzz cut or shaved head for a clean look.

– Which is the best hairstyle for balding men with round faces?
A short, textured crew cut can complement a round face by adding dimension. A short beard can also help create a more defined jawline.

– Which is the best haircut for semi-bald men?
You could consider a clean-shaven or close buzz cut to embrace your semi-baldness in style.

(Header and feature image courtesy: Instagram/Drake)