'Too Cool for Pool' Englishman Sets Desk in Water Amid Heatwave

An Englishman based in York filmed his “pool desk deluxe” setup on July 19, amid a record-breaking heatwave in the UK.

Jay Commins told Storyful that the concept started out “as a bit of fun,” before he realised that the idea was a genius way to beat the heat.

In the video, originally published to TikTok, Commins can be seen stepping into a pool to sit at his desk. The “deluxe” set up also included a parasol, coffee maker, sunscreen, desk fan, and defibrillator.

The footage came as a response to an earlier video which only featured the laptop and desk. Commins said, “People commented that there might be a risk of electrocution from the laptop, hence the tongue-in-cheek ‘defibrillator’ being added in the second video.”

Temperatures in York reached 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) on July 19. Credit: Jay Commins via Storyful

Video transcript