Tony Yang won't let crew work late into the night

Heidi Hsia
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23 Apr – Now that he is a father himself, first time producer Tony Yang stated that he hopes to be kinder to the cast and crew of his new drama and not let them work too much.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Taiwanese actor, who is producing his very first TV series, "Accept The Challenge, Producer!", revealed that he plans to ensure that filming will not go until late into the night so that everyone has time to go home and see their family.

"I am just a small fry. I wouldn't dare demand too much from the crew," he said with a laugh.

Tony with his baby daughter Anah.
Tony with his baby daughter Anah.

Asked what inspired him to star and produce the series, which revolves around the most glorious era in Taiwan's recording industry, Tony stated, "When I was a child, my family ran a record shop. And when I joined the industry, I heard a lot of stories in the circle. Although the plot is fictitious, it will also incorporate some real events."

It is noted that the series will also invite real singers to appear in the drama, including Andy Hui, who is set to make his acting comeback through the series.

Andy Hui will be in Tony Yang's new drama series
Andy Hui will be in Tony Yang's new drama series

On the other hand, Tony admitted that 2021 will be a busy year for him. Aside from producing his first drama, he has also completed filming two movies, "A Leg" and "Plurality", while his new movie, "Dynasty Warriors" will be released in theatres next week.

(Photo Source: Tony Yang Instagram, Andy Hui Instagram)