Tony Hung has two new dramas airing simultaneously

13 Jan – Tony Hung recently dismissed the idea that the viewers will get bored of him, what with his two new TVB dramas being aired simultaneously.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who currently occupies the primetime slot with two of his dramas - "Handmaidens United" and "Of Greed and Ants" - stated that the two series are different from one another and should not lose people's attention.

"The two shows are about two different eras, and with two different cast members. I don't think that the viewers will get bored," he said.

"Handmaidens United" is a costume comedy set in the imperial times and co-stars Jacqueline Wong, Roxanne Tong, and Florence Kwok; while "Of Greed and Ants", co-starring Eddie Cheung and Edwin Siu, revolves around the 1970s Hong Kong era, where the economy was starting to take off.

It is noted that Tony was also in the previous drama, "Wonder Women", starring Miriam Yeung and Pakho Chau - which preceded the two series.

On the other hand, when asked if he is in contact with his "Handmaidens United" co-star Jacqueline Wong, Tony stated that he is not clear about the actress' status, but that she previously wished everybody a Happy New Year on their chat group.

"I just hope that the series will be well-received by the audience," he said.

(Photo Source: Tony Hung Instagram)