Tony Hung says Rebecca Zhu apologised over intimate scenes issue

26 Mar – TVB actor Tony Hung recently admitted that Rebecca Zhu has already apologised to him over the statement she made about him taking advantage of her while filming the series, "Wonder Women" last year.

As reported on On CC, the actor, who addressed rumours that the actress called him twice over the phone to say her apologies, stated that he hopes that such a misunderstanding would not occur again in the future so not to cause unnecessary conflict.

Asked if Rebecca's allegations had affected his work, Tony said that he has nothing to comment nor clarify, as he is innocent.

However, when asked if he would be willing to work with the actress again, he responded, "It's up to the company. But I think as a gentleman, I should stay away from danger."

On the other hand, Rebecca dismissed the idea that either she or Tony might be removed from a possible sequel to the hit series if there is one to be had.

"I have to wait for the company to arrange matters. There won't be a problem for us to collaborate together. There is no grudge," she added.

It was late last year that Rebecca told the media that she was uncomfortable with Tony's tendencies to add too many intimate gestures into their scenes in the drama without consulting her prior to filming. The issue reportedly caused a rift between the two parties.