Who is 'Tony' the frog and why did he go viral?

Why has 'Tony' the frog gone viral?

"Hi I'm Simon Curtis, and I found Tony the frog in my box of romaine lettuce."

Courtesy: Simon Curtis

Simon decided to name the stowaway frog 'Tony'

He sought advice on Twitter on what to do with the frog

as it was a chilly 28°F outside and not safe to release him yet

"So the first morning I went to check on him and he was gone, so we all started freaking out a little bit, and within a couple of moments I looked over and I saw that he was up on the door frame, really high up in the kitchen, and I was like 'Oh my God, there he is'!"

"Here's our little escape artist - he's going back into his little tank."

But Tony kept on escaping

"I think I'm just going to go the pet store and get a proper terrarium, because I don't think the lettuce box is working out."

"Okay, so I got Tony a new little enclosure thing, I put some more lettuce in there, a little log for him to hide, and a little dish of water that looks like a little tree stump, that's super cute."

Then, on Christmas Eve, Simon told his Twitter followers

that he had decided to keep Tony

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