Toni Collette and Eddie Marsan star in The Power

See Toni Collette and Eddie Marsan in the latest trailer for Prime Video's adaptation of The Power.

Video transcript


Grab the microphone and let your words rip.

- (RAPPING) Now here's a funky introduction to how nice I am. Tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram. I'm like an Energizer--



- Oh! Are you OK?

- I'm OK?

- What the hell was that?

- I don't know.

- Was that the same thing that happened with the microwave?



- Can you tell me?

- No, God, maybe your stereo is just old like your stupid music.


- Today, we have a story that's going to change the world.

- This is in Nigeria, electricity coming out of their hands.

- All teenage girls?

- Mom, I know some can, like, aim it.

- How does yours work?


- Ah.

- Hey, hey!

- If there was one girl, I'd say it was a mutation. But it's hundreds and thousands.

- I'm a journalist. I want to tell your story.

- It is going to change things.

- What did you do?

- The world as we know it



- --may never be the same.


Listen to me when I speak.

- This is pretty scary.

- Your power doesn't freak me, [INAUDIBLE].

- You got this thing?

- We all do.

- We got it because we needed it.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. You got any ID?


- I don't want no trouble.

- Smile for me. Boy, you look nice when you smile.


- They're testing everyone.

- I have to keep people safe.

- This is invasive. It's unethical.

- I'm just asking for a list.

- You're going to treat our kids like criminals?

- I feel something different about her. She has done amazing things.

- Dad, let me come work for you so I can help.

- What do you want?

- My dad's money.

- No.

- Don't push me.

- Or what?

- Don't push me!

- Or what?

- Ah!

- I didn't even realize that I was living in constant fear.

- I want to see the world how you see it.

- This power has made me see a world that could be better for all of us.

- I just feel like 100 pounds lighter and 100 times stronger.

- Aw.

- Can you imagine growing up with that kind of freedom?

- Ah!