There Were a Ton of Signs That Charli and Dixie D'Amelio Were Leaving the Hype House

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

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Ever since its founding, the Hype House has been the epitome of TikTok celebrity culture. Filled with dancing teens in crop tops and eBoys joking around, the Hype House quickly became the envy-worthy group of friends everyone wanted to join. Much of its success was thanks to Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, the sisters from Connecticut who danced into our hearts and amassed a huge following on TikTok before bringing their talent to the Hype House. But now, five months and one big feud in and the D'Amelio have confirmed that they are done with the Hype House. Here are all the signs that prove would should have seen this coming.

1. They announced their departure from the House.

After weeks of speculation, it has finally been confirmed that Charli and Dixie are done with the Hype House. In a story in The Hollywood Reporter about the TikTok craze, a representative for the D'Amelios stated that, "When the Hype House started to become more of a business, Charli and Dixie stepped away from that aspect. While their businesses are separate, their friendships with the members continue."

It does seem like the sisters are maintaining friendships with their former Hype House members. Exes Charli and Chase Hudson have even sparked speculation that they're back together thanks to their social media interactions. The Hype House Instagram also still follows both sisters, which is a departure from when they immediately unfollowed Daisy Keech when she left the collective earlier this year.

Neither Charli nor Dixie have posted anything personal about their decision to leave the Hype House, but hopefully, we'll get some commentary from them soon.

2. They weren't included in a TikTok slideshow.

Hype House member Nick Austin posted a video on the Hype House TikTok account, showing off a slideshow of pictures of the members, but Charli and Dixie were noticeably MIA from all of the pics.

Unsurprisingly, almost every single comment on the post is questioning why Charli and Dixie aren't in the photos.

Photo credit: tiktok
Photo credit: tiktok

Of course, the D'Amelios are currently quarantining at their house in CT, but many of the pics in the slideshow are old, so if they were still part of the House, throwing a shot of them in would be easy.

3. They're never on the House's Instagram story.

Back in April, fans started to notice that Charli and Dixie are MIA from the Hype House's Instagram account, namely the Instagram story. Every time a member of the House posts something on their Instagram feed, the Hype House shares it on their Instagram story.

Even though Charli and Dixie have been active on Instagram and posting things to their feed, Hype House never reposts them.

4. Charli and Chase broke up.

If you broke up with your boyfriend because the whole world thought he was cheating on you, would you want to work with him every day? Personally, I wouldn't and considering Chase Hudson is one of the founding members of the Hype House, he isn't going anywhere. So, I'm just guessing here, but I wouldn't be surprised if Charli took a step back from the House to get some space from Chase.

5. They haven't posted about the merch.

The Hype House came out with some new merch and many of the members took advantage of their large followings to advertise the items. Charlie and Dixie, though, didn't post anything promoting the clothing and they weren't in any of the promotional images.

It's not a huge tell, but most likely the members were all asked to post at least one photo, if not a TikTok or a story or something, so it probably means something that they haven't posted anything.

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