The Tom's Guide Awards are coming soon – here's how to submit your products

 Tom's Guide Awards 2024 logo on a blue background.
Tom's Guide Awards 2024 logo on a blue background.

We recently announced our own exciting TechRadar Sustainability Awards and now it's time for our sister brand Tom's Guide to kick off its own annual Awards.

The Tom’s Guide Awards 2024 nominations officially started on May 9 and will remain open until 11:59 ET on June 17, so there’s plenty of time still to get your brand’s best tech and lifestyle products submitted for possible inclusion before the winners are announced in early July.

There are more than 100 categories that will receive awards across Tom’s Guide’s leading areas of expertise, which include phones, computing, TV, streaming, audio, homes, sleep, AI, active life (i.e. fitness and wellbeing) and gaming. On top of these, your product will have the chance to win one of six Hero Awards, such as the prestigious innovation or sustainability honors.

How to enter the Tom’s Guide Awards 2024

If you think your company’s products are worth considering for this year’s Tom’s Guide Awards then you can submit an application via the official nomination form. The process is quick and easy, and will likely only take you five to 10 minutes to complete.

All you have to do is fill out some personal information about yourself and the product you’re nominating, including a brief description and images. Then make sure to indicate which category you’re nominating the product for before submitting your application. You can also add additional products to an application, if you’d like to nominate more than one at a time.

The awards are free to enter and will be judged by Tom’s Guide’s editors, who will consider the number of nominations a certain product gets, as well as how it was rated after being reviewed for performance, features, design and usability. Other considerations, such as value and sustainability, will also be taken into consideration.

You can find out more information at the Tom’s Guide Awards 2024 page. Need a reminder of what the award categories are? You can find the full list of categories here; just be mindful that some might be subject to change.