Tommy Wong wants to try LGBT-themed movie

22 May – Although it has been a while since Tommy Wong's last film, the actor said that he is not against making a comeback in the future.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer-actor, who made an appearance on the TVB variety programme, "Cantopop at 50", stated that he has been watching a lot of movies for the past ten years since he reduced his film work and has become more and more interested in making a comeback.

"It's not even about the compensation. For me, the most important thing is a good script and the kind of roles offered to me," he said.

When asked what kind of movie he wants to do in the future, Tommy stated that he would like to play a gay character in an LGBT-themed movie - much like fellow actors Tai Bo and Ben Yuen in "Suk Suk"

Tommy faded away from showbiz back in the late '90s to focus on his business in mainland China. He made his return in 2012 to film "Inbound Troubles", but remained playing small roles in later projects.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)