Tommy Fury quiet on Jake Paul’s double-or-nothing offer before father John accepts

Jake Paul has challenged Tommy Fury to a ‘double-or-nothing’ payday ahead of their boxing match on Sunday – a deal the latter’s father was quick to accept as his son stayed quiet on the subject.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul and Fury – half-brother of world heavyweight champion Tyson – are due to fight each other in Saudi Arabia this weekend, after two failed attempts to make the bout.

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Paul, 26, is 6-0 as a pro with four knockout wins, including victories over ex-UFC stars Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. Meanwhile, 23-year-old Fury is 8-0 (4 KOs).

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday (23 February), Paul said: “He’s a good boxer, but he’s not a great boxer, and his lack of defence and head movement is gonna be exposed on Sunday.

“When Tommy says, ‘I’ve been doing this my whole life,’ none of that means anything. I’ve always trained harder than all my opponents, trained tougher, and I want it more. I have more of a ‘why’, more of a purpose. I’m Tommy’s end goal; this is the biggest opportunity of his life, he’s never been on a stage like this, he’s never gotten a payday like this – he was getting paid peanuts compared to this.

“To me this is a speed bump and a cakewalk. I give him credit: He’s fast, he’s got length, he’s strong, he’s got those inflatable arms – I don’t even know how his arms got like that – [but] he’s got no legs, he’s top heavy. S***, he looks like the Michelin man or something.

“But there’s nothing he can do to stop me, he’s got no power. He couldn’t knock out the taxi drivers he’s been put in there with. He’s never been put in there with someone who wasn’t there to lose. He’s gonna get into the deep waters and drown, I promise that.”

The American went on to say: “It really seemed like the only time he wanted to get in the ring was when I increased the money. I think we make a deal: If you win, I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already; but if I win, I take everything that I’m paying you.”

While Briton Fury ignored the proposal, his father John was quick to accept.

Fury’s father John accepted Paul’s offer of a double-or-nothing payday (Getty Images)
Fury’s father John accepted Paul’s offer of a double-or-nothing payday (Getty Images)

Earlier, Tommy Fury had said: “I’m ready to put this all to bed, because for the past two years, all it’s been is, ‘When are you fighting Jake Paul?’ To even mention my name in the same sentence as [him] is disrespectful to me, who’s been boxing my whole life.

“I’m gonna clinically knock this guy out early. On Sunday night, you’ve got a fresh, young 23-year-old – proper, legitimate fighter – who would have you inside and outside the ring. I’m not for lights, camera, action; this is in my heart, blood and soul. You’re gonna feel that.

“When you’re in the opposite corner, and you’re getting hit all about the head, [seeing] blue flashes, you’re gonna wake up and realise what boxing is. You’ve got a proper fighter in here, and he’s coming to take your head off. You’re getting put to sleep inside four rounds. I’m gonna put you away. You shouldn’t be sitting here right now; this is bad for you, you’ve blown your ticket, you should’ve stuck to making easy money, fighting old men.”

As the pair stood and engaged in a shoving match, Fury told Paul: “You’re a s***house, I’m putting you away within the first round.”

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