Tomatina food fight festival set to return after hiatus

STORY: The Tomatina food-fight festival is returning after a two-year break

Location: La Llosa, Spain

Six trucks loaded with over-ripe tomatoes will be set up

So revelers can hurl them at each other in the traditional messy event

[Eduardo Carrascosa, Resident]

“People have to come and experience it, it is an experience that cannot be explained in words. From the moment the firecracker is set off until the trucks come out with tons and tons of tomatoes, you see the tomatoes raining down on you from all sides, the whole town gets involved in the party, everyone takes their tables out onto the street, and they even give you food, they throw water from everywhere to get rid of the tomato splatter, then the party goes on. In the end, it is just one day in a week of celebrations, but it is the biggest day and for the people here it is great to enjoy the party another year.”

The Tomatina is said to have originated from a random village bust-up in 1945

Organizers say this 75th edition will gather around 15,000 people