Tom Hanks Revealed The 1 Role He’d Least Like To Be Remembered For

Who doesn’t love Tom Hanks? According to IMDB, the actor has starred in 98 films across his career and, chances are, you have a favourite Tom Hanks movie from childhood, too (Toy Story, anyone?).

Of course, though, with that many films, there has to be a flop or two, right? Personally, I would argue that The Polar Express was his worst or maybe The Circle.”

Actually, Tom himself doesn’t think so. In an interview with YouTube channel “Mythical Kitchen”, the actor said that he doesn’t have any regrets.

In response to the question, “what is the one role you’d least like to be remembered for?”, he said: “Every one of these movies are made in the greatest faith imaginable. Everybody is working really hard. So to slag on any of them is to insult the communal effort that we all put in.”

Fair point!

The one film Tom Hanks would least like to be remembered for 

It turns out, though, at a push, he can choose just one role. He said: “Throw up the circular from me on “The Love Boat.” My head in the circle, I did a love boat in June of 1980.”

Indeed he did. In 1980, he starred in one episode of The Love Boat, playing the role of Rick Martin. The Love Boat was a sitcom set on a cruise ship named ‘Pacific Princess’ and Tom starred in the episode ‘Sergeant Bull/Friends and Lovers/Miss Mother’.

It’s probably safe to say that the actor won’t be remembered for his single appearance in that sitcom from almost 45 years ago.