Tom Brady jokingly warns he'll put his dad 'in a home' if he talks Patriots again

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At long last, New England Patriots legend Tom Brady will make his return to Foxborough this weekend.

It is a virtual certainty that Brady will not say anything pointed about the team he played with for 20 years in the run-up to the highly anticipated game, but the same cannot be said about his father, Tom Brady Sr.

The elder Brady made headlines last week when he appeared on a Patriots podcast to discuss his son's career before and after his exit from New England. Asked if his son feels vindicated by winning a Super Bowl in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brady said "Damn right."

You can imagine Tom Jr. didn't appreciate his dad providing sports talk fodder ahead of his return, and the quarterback confirmed that was the case during an episode of his own podcast "Let’s Go! with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray."

When the subject of his father came up, Brady had an answer ready.

Brady's full statement:

“I’ve actually prepared a statement that I wanted to say and it’s really all that I have to say on the subject. Comments made by Thomas Edward Brady, a 77-year-old insurance company CEO, who should know better at this point in his life, doesn’t necessarily reflect the views or positions held by his son, Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr. So furthermore, should Tom Sr. continue to speak out on behalf of his son without the express written consent, Tom Jr. reserves the right to eventually put him in a home against his will. That’s all I have to say.”

In case it wasn't clear, it should be stated that Brady was joking. He went on to say that his father is the "greatest dad in the world," but admitted he had been preparing his response for five days.

Still, it seems likely we won't be hearing from Tom Sr. again until after this Sunday. There are plenty of other people in Brady's sphere that could stir the pot, though.

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