Told off for sitting on boyfriend’s knees and clothes, Aussie woman sounds off airlines in Twitter rant

Claire Roberts
Serah Nathan’s airport outfit caused a stir with Jetstar employees. — Pix courtesy of Twitter/serahann

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 7 — An Australian woman has taken to social media to complain about alleged mistreatment by an airlines company.

In the incident, Serah Nathan, 33 said she was sitting on her boyfriend’s knees and talking to him at Sydney Airport when she was approached by a Jetstar employee.

Serah Nathan is a small-time actress, recently appearing in the web series ‘Lucky Country’.

She said they were talking about their plans for the week when approached.

Nathan alleges the employee told her to “sit on a separate seat because there are children watching”.

“I begun questioning my partner about what airport law we broke by sharing a seat.” Nathan said in her complaint to Jetstar that she posted on Twitter.

The Jetstar employee returned with a Team Leader who said that she doubted whether Nathan would be allowed to fly given her choice of attire.

Nathan was waiting for a Tiger Air flight. Dressed in tracksuit pants, and a singlet tucked into her bra, Nathan arrived in Melbourne having flown with Jetstar’s budget airline rival Tiger Air.

She subsequently complained to Jetstar’s online customer service portal.

Here, she claimed that the customer service agent handled her complaint inappropriately by saying that she was “very beautiful” and that her boyfriend was lucky to have her.

The agent also said that it was inappropriate for her to sit on her boyfriend’s knees as there were other seats available and believed that the staff was only protecting other passengers.

“I can understand that you were not engaging in a sexual activity, but then again I believe that this kind of body language must be done in a private place,’ the response read.

Nathan believes her heritage of being half Sri Lankan played a role in her treatment while Jetstar denies any discrimination based upon her race.

“I hold your employees accountable for risking their job in favour of scratching a personal itch and berating a complete stranger,” Nathan wrote on Twitter, believing “Team Leader was in the mood to publicly shame me.”

Jetstar has apologised to Nathan for the initial handling of her case.

“We apologise to Serah for the manner in which her query was handled by our online customer service representative which fell well short of the standards we expect.”

When speaking to, a Jetstar spokesperson said there was an investigation continuing into Serah Nathan’s case.


“We are speaking to our airport team to better understand what happened,” a Jetstar spokesperson said.

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