Tokyo shoppers clean hands and phones on the go

Shoppers in Tokyo can now sterilize their smartphones and wash their hands on the go.

20 machines -- developed by WOTA Corp-- have been set up near the popular Ginza shopping district.

The machines don't need to be connected to running water and don't use fresh and wastewater tanks.

Instead, they recycle the water through a three-stage process.

WOTA CEO Yosuke Maeda explains that they've shrunk a large water filtration plant to one hundred-thousandth of it's original size - and put it inside these machines.

They also have a device that cleans smartphones through 20-30 seconds of ultraviolet light exposure while users are washing their hands.

They say touching a dirty smartphone would otherwise negate their handwashing efforts.

The machine does need a connection to a power supply.

WOTA has now begun shipments within Japan of roughly 4,000 units.

It aims to expand internationally next year, with many inquiries coming from the United States.