Tokyo 2020 torch relay 'ready to go'

Hiromi Kawamura is charged with overseeing the Olympics 2020 torch relay and said "We planned for a long time, and we simulated a contingency plan a thousand times, and we completed the contingency plan for the Olympic torch relay, and it is ready to go," .

Though Japan is known for meticulous planning, the unprecedented postponement of the Games has meant a scramble by local organisers to pull things together. Public health concerns and Tokyo being under a state of emergency have also slowed many final arrangements, prompting media reports of busy singers and actors complaining about late notifications.

Kawamura said the organisers were juggling vast amounts of fast-changing information and negotiations with national and local governments.

Over the next four months the relay will take the torch across all of Japan's 47 prefectures, including far flung islands, and will involve about 10,000 runners.