Tok Mat: Muafakat already on last page, just up to PAS to close the book

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Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 15 — The Muafakat Nasional (MN) charter was nearing its end but only because of PAS’ refusal to commit fully to the informal pact with Umno, said Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan.

In an Utusan Malaysia report today, the Umno deputy president commonly called Tok Mat criticised the Islamists for accusing his party of treachery when it was PAS that rejected Umno’s offer to partner up for the Melaka state election.

PAS chose instead to remain with the Perikatan Nasional coalition with Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, he argued.

"Actually, we never left them (PAS). They are the ones who left MN. They acted a certain for one moment, but another in the next.

“In Melaka, we invited them together in a team on the condition that they use their own logo. But they don't want to. They want to be with PN. It's okay, we have no problem.

“But then, they said we were traitors. That's weird. Umno has never betrayed MN. That's why when people ask me about MN, I say MN has reached our final surah (chapter). Just, whether you want to (khatam) finish or not,” he was quoted as saying.

Mohamad said he had to be blunt in order to correct views that Umno had betrayed the charter, leading to its inactivity now.

“There is no question of Umno leaving or betraying MN. Umno remains Umno,” he said.

He then told PAS to display greater commitment and consistency on its part to the pledges it made when forming the MN charter with Umno.

“Leave PN, because we have promised to be with MN as in some MN meetings.

"But, as everyone can see, finally PAS joined PN. We're not angry either. That's their right and their choice. Only, that is the reason why MN slipped, because PAS joined PN,” he said.

Umno and PAS signed a formal five-point charter for their political cooperation in September 2019 and had planned to formalise MN in May 2020, before the event was overtaken by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Before that occurred, however, PN was formally registered as a coalition with PAS as one of its components.

Umno, PAS, and Bersatu are allies in name but openly hostile to one another. The latter two are offshoots of the Malay nationalist party that opposed Umno before partnering with it.

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