Toddler Gets Tearful While Waving Goodbye to Grandpa in North Carolina

A two-year-old girl was captured in a viral video saying a tearful goodbye to her grandfather in Greenville, North Carolina, on March 14.

Colette Louis filmed her daughter, Camille Madeline Louis, saying goodbye to her grandfather, former NFL player Tony Collins. The two are seen blowing kisses to each other. Collins says, “I got it,” which Camille repeats back to him.

After they wave goodbye and say, “See you later,” Camille turns tearfully to her mother and says, “I hope I see him.”

“You’re gonna see him soon, I promise!” Louis tells her daughter. “You don’t have to cry. You’ll see him soon, okay?”

Louis says Collins is her daughter’s “bestie,” and shared several videos of the two together on her Instagram account. Credit: @camifrobabe via Storyful