'What Is This?' Toddler Has Cutest Reaction as Dad Swaps Her Food

A Texan couple captured their child’s super cute reaction to a prank they played on May 25 by swapping out her food to see if she would notice.

“I have done stuff like this to her before,” Austin Geter told Storyful. “She actually has played tricks like this back and understands 100% that it’s a prank.”

In the video, the father can be seen distracting the little girl by pretending he’s seen a cat outside the window. As the child takes the bait and looks away, he swaps her dinner for some raw vegetables.

“This is the first time I swapped her food as opposed to just taking [it] when she’s not looking and hiding it,” Geter said.

In a hilarious moment of realization, the adorable toddler looks down at her food, pauses, and then says, “What is this?” as the parents burst out laughing.

Geter concluded: “She always is a good sport and just laughs and keeps eating.” Credit: Austin Geter via Storyful

Video transcript

- What the heck? Is that a kitty cat out there? I'm pretty sure I see a kitty cat out there. Mmm, I guess it's not a kitty cat.

- Yes, it's a kitty cat.

- Oh, there is one out there?

- There's a dog out there.

- A dog?

- There's a dog out there.

- Oh, OK. That's-- I must, that's must be what I saw then.

- There's dog.

- Uh-huh.

- Dog like.

- Yeah.

- Cookie.

- Yep, that's right.

- It's cat. It's Molly.

- That's Molly right there, OK.

- That cat is Molly.

- OK, that's Molly. Got it.

- What is this?


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