Toddler 'Attacks' Can of Coke When Dad Eats Chicken Wings Without Sharing

A baby, hungry for chicken wings but ignored by Dad, resorted to “attacking” the can of Coca-Cola her father was drinking at their home in Harrison, Ohio, recently shared footage shows.

Video by Amber Berry shows her then eight-month-old daughter in her father’s arms, cooing for attention as her father eats chicken wings without sharing.

Berry told Storyful: “As you can tell, she loves food and thinks she needs to eat anytime someone has food around her.”

Berry added that the video was taken after the toddler had been trying to eat every chicken wing her dad had picked up. “It just so happened to be perfect timing, catching her attacking the can,” she said.

Berry said that the tot was always the center of attention when the family had friends over for dinner. “As you can tell from the giggles in the background,” she added. Credit: Amber Berry via Storyful

Video transcript