Todd Howard tells doubters Starfield is running "great," actually, and "you may need to upgrade your PC"

 Starfield cockpit
Starfield cockpit

Bethesda’s Todd Howard responded to a question asking why Starfield isn’t optimized for PC, insisting that it is – it’s just a “next-gen PC game” that may require you to upgrade your PC.

During an appearance on Bloomberg Technology, Howard tackles a fan-sourced question querying why Starfield hasn’t been optimized for PC. The short answer is that it has been, though you may want to keep a few things in mind.

“We did; it’s running great,” Howard says after an awkward pause. “It is a next-gen PC game. We really do push the technology, so you may need to upgrade your PC for this game, but it’s got a lot of great stuff going on in it, and the fans are responding awesomely.”

Looking at the typical various forums of online discussion, you’re seldom short of seeing some fans discuss issues with the PC version, though, as ever, modders have stepped in if you play your PC games on a potato – like me! Bulwarkhd’s Starfield Potato mod turns all the textures into 128-bit sizing. “Does your PC have 1GB of Vram? Is it so old your grandpa used it to play Morrowind? Or do you hate high-resolution textures and want to get rid of them? Try this mod out and see if it works for you!” the mod description reads.

Some performance issues aside, Starfield is enjoying a rather smooth launch, indeed. Alongside plenty of critical praise – our Starfield review gave it a five-out-of-five score – the space RPG has hit the heights of one million concurrent players across all platforms. Game Pass will surely help, but it’s neat all the same.

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