TodayTix Group Buys Secret Cinema for $100 Million

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TodayTix Group, known for connecting audiences with cultural experiences, on Thursday said it acquired Secret Cinema, the London-based company known for its immersive film and television events.
The deal is worth more than $100 million, multiple reports said.

Secret Cinema, founded by Fabian Riggall in 2007, takes audiences to secret locations, encouraging them to dress as part of the cast and become part of the story of films and TV series. The company has been owned and driven by Active Partners since 2016.

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It’s sold over one million tickets to more than 50 shows and in 2020 inked a multi-year, multi-title deal with Disney that kicked off in London this month with “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Its shows can attract massive audiences, among them a collaboration with Netflix that drew over 300,000 people in its first Los Angeles production of “Stranger Things.”

It has also produced experiences with major production houses including Universal, Paramount, Lionsgate and Sony, producing events with themes ranging from “Bridgerton” and “Dirty Dancing” to “Ghost Busters.”

The deal will enable Secret Cinema to expand to the US after operating mainly in the UK. It expects to start a U.S. national tour in May 2023. It did not set a date for opening its L.A. location. In addition, Secret Cinema plans to create open-ended theatrical runs, after largely featuring short-term shows.

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Secret Cinema has inked partnerships with Disney and several other studios.

TodayTix, which has also acquired GoldStar, Show-Score and Broadway Roulette in recent years, uses data collected from consumers connected to its network of 20,000 theaters, producers and cultural institutions to connect engaged audiences with entertainment experiences.

“TodayTix Group’s acquisition of Secret Cinema is a game-changer for culture-seekers, the theater industry, and the film and television industries alike,” said co-founder and CEO Brian Fenty in a statement.“TodayTix Group has a massive audience seeking rich content and Secret Cinema has the most coveted collection of IP that it turns into amazing, immersive theatrical experiences. By connecting Secret Cinema with TodayTix Groups’ frictionless technology and intimate understanding of our millions of customers, we will amplify everything they’ve built into the most tailored and high-quality entertainment experience available to audiences globally.”

“It has been an extraordinary two years for everyone in entertainment, as we emerged from multiple lockdowns and restrictions to the current cost pressures of putting on our shows,” said Secret Cinema CEO Max Alexander. “Despite this, Secret Cinema remains an exceptional producer of unforgettable, immersive experiences. Now with the backing and unique expertise of TodayTix Group, it can fulfill its true potential and bring suspense and spectacle to even more Secret Cinema goers around the world.”

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