Today is ‘Register a Mom to Vote Day’: And it couldn’t be easier

register a mom to vote day - woman putting ballot in box

In case you (somehow) haven’t heard, it’s an election year. And while voting at any opportunity is always essential to make sure your voice is heard, voting in the 2024 presidential election is incredibly important—even vital, considering that there are so many issues on the line that directly affect the lives of women and children across the US, like paid leave, universal childcare, maternal health and reproductive rights. But between everything you’re already juggling, it can be hard to remember whether you’re even registered to vote. That’s where Register a Mom to Vote Day on Tues., June 4 (today!) comes in.

Created by Chamber of Mothers in partnership with The Skimm and I Am a Voter, the awareness effort is designed to make voter registration and election education easy—with no place for embarrassment if you’ve yet to vote or haven’t in a while, or simply feel overwhelmed by the idea of getting up to speed on election issues and candidates.

“Moms who aren’t registered or [who] aren’t studied up on elections shouldn’t feel shame. It’s not their fault that they’re short on time and overwhelmed by the obfuscating language coming out of DC,” says Erin Spahn Erenberg, co-founder and CEO of Chamber of Mothers. Erenberg wants moms to know that she understands how overwhelming it can feel.

“There hasn’t yet been a moment like this for moms to know that someone cares about them in this way, to help them get the targeted information and resources they need, to make something in their lives just a little bit easier, to know that their voice and vote actually really matters, and to help them be able to vote according to their policy priorities that will ultimately help make their lives better,” Erenberg tells Motherly.

By texting MOTHER to 26797, you can check your voter registration status, sign up if you’re not yet registered and receive timely updates on election news and relevant policy issues, including paid leave, childcare and maternal health. “We’re not here to tell moms who or what to vote for, but we are here to urge them to vote according to their interests,” Erenberg stresses, which underscores the effort’s primary message: Vote like a mother.

Your vote matters

We’re in the midst of a crisis facing mothers and families in America, Erenberg says.

  • There is no federally protected paid family leave: 25% of mothers are back at work just two weeks after giving birth

  • Childcare is inaccessible and unaffordable: 51% of Americans live in a “childcare desert”

  • Maternal mortality is a national emergency: Mortality increased 64% from 2019 to 2021

“We always say that you don’t have a healthy American mom when a mom doesn’t have paid time to care for her new baby, can’t afford childcare, and feels her care team is incomplete or isn’t listening to her concerns. Without these fundamental social supports, moms suffer needlessly and greatly,” says Erenberg. Also, these issues aren’t polarizing or politically charged, she notes. “These issue areas are ones mothers at all walks of life can agree upon.”

Motherly’s seventh annual State of Motherhood survey found that these issues are almost universally supported among participants: at least 85% of moms support federally mandated paid leave, regulation to address climate change, federally protected reproductive rights and increased gun control policies, but surprisingly, moms under 30 are 3 times less likely to support these policies, signaling some apathy.

“Mothers are fed up (and fired up!), but often lose faith that their actions will make a difference,” Erenberg explains. But when mothers vote, spend and speak together, everything will change, she says. “Our mission from day one has been to unite mothers as advocates to create a better America.”

It’s clear that mothers form the social safety net of our country, but there’s little systemic support to prop them up, leaving mothers exhausted, anxious and burned out.

“We know that the solution lies in mothers remembering and taking back their power,” Erenberg says. “Everyone wins when mothers are supported.”

Ready to get registered or check your voter status? You can get started right away by texting MOTHER to 26797.