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March 29, 2024

Today on CNN 10, we examine Turkey’s economic challenges as the country tackles soaring inflation. Then, we talk to retired NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson about her record breaking time in space. And finally, we head to Iceland to examine a shocking natural phenomena as the Northern Lights shine above an erupting volcano. All that and more on this episode of CNN 10.



1. A UN report warned that this type of waste is piling up faster than recycling efforts can keep up?

2. Which tech giant got hit with an antitrust lawsuit after being accused of illegally monopolizing the smartphone market?

3. Which Asian city passed a new national security law that critics fear expands the government’s power to suppress dissent?

4. What’s the name of the Baltimore bridge that collapsed after a container ship collided with one of the bridge’s support columns?

5. Which country observed a national day of mourning this week following a terror attack at one of its concert halls?

6. We covered an effort to provide caretaker classes for men in order to untangle gender norms in the household. In which South American country were these classes being offered?

7. CNN detailed the difficulties local and foreign citizens face as they try to flee gang violence and political unrest in which Caribbean nation?

8. Which famous European cathedral is set to reopen five years after a massive fire destroyed large parts of it?

9. Which country is battling high inflation where local market traders are valuing gold and the US dollar more than the local currency?

10. On Friday’s episode, we showed you a timelapse video in Iceland where the Northern Lights were seen while a volcano was erupting. What event is making the Northern Lights more visible than usual?

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