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February 9, 2024

Today we have a special CNN 10 show, where we focus on ways for you to live a healthier lifestyle. First, we explain why your health isn’t always directly tied to your weight. Then we show you a series of exercises you can do with just a paper plate! And we head to the grocery store where a dietitian-nutritionist shows us how reading food labels can help us better understand how processed some foods really are. And before you go, we head to Shanghai, China, where a lantern festival is celebrating this year’s Lunar New Year.


1. The US and its allies struck Iranian-linked militia targets in which three countries in the Middle East?

2. Which species are London officials bringing back 400 years after they were hunted to extinction in the United Kingdom?

3. The Senate unveiled a long-awaited bipartisan deal this week to address what issue?

4. For the first time in its history, who will lead Northern Ireland’s government as First Minister?

5. Which state agreed to spend $2 billion to help students impacted from lost learning during the pandemic?

6. Researchers from the University of British Columbia studied popular TikTok videos which contained misleading information on which neurodevelopmental disorder?

7. Which AI-generated technology could impact this year’s election season?

8. On Thursday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on a ballot eligibility case related to which politician?

9. What type of food has been linked to a higher risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity and even early death?

10. According to the Chinese zodiac calendar, what animal symbolizes the coming new year?

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