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May 10, 2024

Today on CNN 10, severe weather is ravaging the United States, as parts of the country endure a devastating tornado streak. Next, we go to the town of Grindavik, Iceland, where an active volcano has emptied the small community of nearly all its residents. Then, we head to Marseille to watch the Olympic torch arrive in France. All that and more on today’s episode of CNN 10.


1: What is the name of the hurricane that hit Texas in 2017 and devastated parts of Harris County?

2: Which country is sending a probe to the far side of the moon?

3: What is the name for a financial penalty that one country can impose on another?

4: True or False: Columbia University cancelled its school-wide graduation ceremony because of security concerns?

5: What is the name of the Prime Minister of Israel?

6: What is the name of the border crossing between Egypt and Gaza that Israel took control of this week?

7: NASA cancelled the launch of a spacecraft this week. What is the name of that spacecraft?

8: TikTok is suing the US government because it argues the law potentially banning the app is unconstitutional. Which constitutional amendment does the company say the law violates?

9: How many active volcanoes are there in Iceland?

10: What is the busiest month for tornadoes in the US?

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