Today hosts spark heated debate about how often clothes should be washed

Today show hosts have sparked a debate after engaging in a heated, on-air conversation about their cleaning habits and how often they wash their clothes.

The four hosts, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones, Craig Melvin, and Dylan Dreyer, discussed their laundry routines during Monday’s episode of the morning show. The conversation began with Roker asking: “How often do you wear your clothes before washing them?”

When Melvin asked for clarification on the topic, Jones asked her peers if they wear their jeans “multiple times” before washing them, which she said that she did. Dreyer agreed with the sentiment, as she noted that she usually has her children wear their jeans “a couple times” before throwing them into the wash.

Roker then asked his peers how often they wash their pyjamas, prompting a concerned look on Melvin’s face. Dreyer confessed that she showers at night and wears her pyjamas at least “three nights” before washing them.

Melvin questioned her routine, as he looked at her and responded: “Three nights?...But after you take a shower you’re still wearing those jammies...You’re getting all those dead skin cells.”

After Roker pointed out that an average person can “perspire up to a cup of sweat per night,” Melvin jokingly told Dreyer that she “perspires at least that much”.

In response, Dreyer detailed why she feels like her pyjamas are still clean after three nights, explaining: “I smell them and they smell like the soap from the night before.” The claim was met with surprise from Melvin, who claimed that the smell was in Dreyer’s “mind”.

As Roker emphasised that how often you wash your clothes depends on how much you sweat at night, Melvin proceeded to poke fun at Dreyer and said that she “sweats”. She shut down the remark by noting that she’s “always cold” and placing her “ice cold” hands on Melvin. In response, he continued the bit and claimed that her cold hands were due to her veins being “ice cold”.

While his comment prompted laughter from Dreyer and Jones, Roker responded with a shocked look on his face. Melvin clarified that he was “joking” and reassured Dreyer that she was “warm-hearted”. He then focused the conversation on Jones, who revealed that she doesn’t really sleep in pyjamas, as she usually wears “t-shirts and shorts”. She also confessed that she’s fallen asleep in the clothes she wore throughout the day.

“There are also times where I’m so exhausted I fall asleep in my clothes,” she said. Melvin then asked: “What kind of life are you living?” before Jones responded: “A busy one.”

Melvin questioned her again about if she “sleeps in her work clothes” and Jones said that she only does this “every once in a while”. He joked that this habit was “nasty”, before she clarified that she doesn’t do it “on purpose”, since it happens when she’s tired.

Roker stepped in by sharing his take on the debate about what clothes to wash, explaining: “The rule is: anything that comes in contact with your skin.” He also noted garments like underwear and socks are typically washed more frequently, such as after every use.

Melvin continued to make fun of his colleagues’ routine when washing their clothes. “Man, you think you know people and then you start talking to them about stuff... y’all are just, ugh,” he added, as he jokingly quivered.

The debate also made its way to social media, where viewers weighed in on the conversation.

“Lol, Craig makes me laugh. But I don’t change my PJs every single night,” one person tweeted, while another said: “Sleeping in your work clothes is crazy. I don’t even let my outside clothes touch my bed.”

This isn’t the first time thatToday hosts have candidly addressed their daily hygiene habits. In November of last year, Jenna Bush Hager revealed that she “never” wears underwear, since going commando “makes a more pretty silhouette”.

“I also think you don’t have to pack as much. There’s a lot of pros to it!” she said, during an episode of Today with Hoda and Jenna.

She also jokingly scolded Hoda Kotb for pointing out that she wasn’t wearing underwear during the segment, adding: “You promised me you wouldn’t do this! There’s a lot of people here! I’m sure my mum has never been more proud.”