Toboggan bowling is the snowy fun you needed today

This hilarious footage has captured the moment a family in Canada used toboggans and frozen solid clothing to create a new sport – 'polar vortex toboggan bowling' on February 10. With the polar vortex and COVID 19 restrictions in full swing in Alberta, Artur Pyzalski was struggling to come up with fun ways to keep himself as well as the kids entertained. That’s when the idea struck him to mix an indoor sport with some outdoor fun. The family collected a bunch of t-shirts, pants and some sweaters to be used as pins for their new sport. With the temperature still hovering around -34°C it took the soaked clothing just under an hour to freeze solid. They then loaded up the truck with the frozen clothes and some toboggans before heading to a nearby hill. The clothes were then set up in the snow at the bottom of the hill and the family took turns tobogganing down into the makeshift pins. According to Artur, the family plans to make things more competitive next time by keeping score. Speaking about the video Artur said: “Well the Polar Vortex is still going on in Alberta and the kids aren’t in school so we wanted to do something fun. But because of Covid, everything is closed so we found something fun for us to do - mix indoor and outdoor. We froze a bunch of t-shirts, pants, and some sweaters outside. It only took an hour in -34°C for the clothing to freeze solid! Then we jumped in the truck, took some toboggans, and went to a hill down the road. We stood up all the clothes in the snow on the bottom of the hill and we went 'toboggan bowling."