TNB continues to invest big in energy for betterment of Malaysians

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, June 2 — Electricity is essential in the modern world - and even a minor trip-up can cause disruptions that impact consumers.

This is why national utility company Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is always vigilant to ensure minimal disruption to its supply.

Marking its 75th anniversary next year, TNB is still investing up to RM21 billion from 2021 to 2024 to modernise the national grid to ensure it is consistent and flexible.

The move is designed to help strengthen the capabilities of Malaysia’s transmission and distribution network of electricity which currently covers 99.9 per cent of peninsular Malaysia.

More than 28,900 kilometres of transmission lines connect 529 incoming substations to more than 769,000 distribution networks for the energy to reach more than 96,800 substations to customers.

Mohd Azamri bin Nazar performs daily power checks at the Sunway College low voltage room. — Picture by Jared Wee
Mohd Azamri bin Nazar performs daily power checks at the Sunway College low voltage room. — Picture by Jared Wee

Mohd Azamri bin Nazar performs daily power checks at the Sunway College low voltage room. — Picture by Jared Wee

“Energy is absolutely essential to us when running our campuses, especially in the recent hot weather,” Sunway Education Group Chargeman Mohd Azamri bin Nazar, 37, told Malay Mail.

“Everything from the air-conditioning, internet connection, doors, and classroom projectors require a steady flow of electricity and TNB has been reliable in maintaining it.”

“I'm glad to say our relationship with TNB has been smooth and hassle-free, as they are always there to help when we need their assistance and expertise.”

Such efficient power distribution has resulted in the country being able to function efficiently in the modern world including stimulating businesses and providing jobs.

“Having a steady power supply and internet connection is a must-have in my work, I can’t work without it,” social media manager Peter Tan, 33, said.

“After getting on TNB there have been no shortages in my area this year, and the cost of electricity has been affordable.”

“Since TNB improved the substation near my area, my catering business has been running smoothly and hiccup-free,” catering business owner Eida Nabilah, 56, shared.

"I can safely store our ingredients and keep them fresh, which means better-tasting meals for our customers.”

TNB also announced last year that it will continue investing in developing the grid as part of its four initiatives to meet the country’s target of being a carbon-neutral nation by 2050.

“It’s great to see that TNB is looking into the future with green energy,” Tan said.

“I hope they will be able to reach their 2050 goal as renewable sources of energy can reduce carbon footprint and help Malaysians to enjoy affordable and clean energy.”

The investment also enabled TNB to score an exceptional 71.4 per cent on the Smart Grid Index (SGI) - a 19.4 per cent increase from 2019 which will allow TNB to achieve its target of 85 per cent by 2025.

SGI is a measuring indicator of the level of achievement of smart grids of energy utilities internationally based on seven key factors which are customer satisfaction and empowerment, safety, green energy, monitoring and control, data analysis, supply reliability and integration of renewable energy.

Aside from providing energy TNB also contributes to the lives of Malaysians with education, socioeconomics and the environment.

This includes giving out scholarships, rebuilding homes of the underprivileged, developing sports activities, and nature conservation efforts.