TM Blog unpacks deep insights into how digital tech is generating fresh growth opportunities for Malaysia

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, Nov 15 — Just a few decades ago, obtaining information could have proven to be sometimes difficult, with access to reliable insights either being limited or requiring significant time and cost.

Many things, however, have become easier in recent years with the advent of the internet and improved fixed and wireless connectivity.

The emergence of various search engines, social media platforms and applications has led to the burgeoning of information online, with unlimited information now available at everyone’s fingertips.

While there are advantages to how easily we can access information, there are also disadvantages of information overload and fake news, creating a conundrum of what information is real and if it is useful.

Consequently, it has become important to rely on reliable sources of information, backed by subject matter experts with experience in their respective fields.

Among the newest players to provide insights and accurate information is TM, through its official TM Blog.

Vice President of Group Strategic Communications, Saffura Chinniah said the decision to create a blog was to channel insights and experiences from TM’s diverse leaders, including its Group CEO and senior management, and was made to match the strides made by some of the world’s biggest tech firms.

“The blog intends to become a one-stop information centre for key decision makers, analysts, media as well as the public, enabling them to tap into the latest industry happenings,” she said.

“It will also focus on new ideas, analyses as well as trends in digital technologies and transformation, sustainability, organisational culture and various other business and digital transformation topics. It also allows us to engage directly with local and global audiences, becoming a hub for insights shaping how people and businesses live and work.”

Saffura added that the blog was written from the writer’s point of view and was supplemented by key learnings and insights.

“It focuses on the ‘how to’ in order to educate readers and become a source of reference for our stakeholders,” she said.

“This is to inspire others to embark on their own digital transformation journey.

“We also wanted to address the sense of ‘personal disconnect” and what matters most to individuals in the digital era.”

Besides catering to topics of interest for key decision makers, analysts as well as the media, the blog aims to reach out to the general public, local and global partners and researchers.

She explained that topics were chosen based on the common pain points of businesses or areas of interest impacting its target audience.

It also provides an informed commentary on current affairs shaping local and global markets.

“The information that we share on the blog is not a ‘hard sell’ of TM’s product and services. It focuses on raising awareness and thought leadership, backed by actual experiences and insights from our leaders. This creates a very personal tone between them and our readers and opens up opportunities for meaningful conversations that shape today’s world,” she added.

The Official TM Blog will publish articles monthly with plans for podcasts and videos to be added on in the coming months.

Future plans include podcasts and videos on the blog. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri 
Future plans include podcasts and videos on the blog. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

Future plans include podcasts and videos on the blog. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

Different from what is out there

Saffura also said that the Official TM Blog was among the first few business sites to share and educate readers through personal insights and the actual voice of TM’s leaders.

“The way we have chosen our writing style is meant to engage and inspire an informed global audience. More importantly, these articles are supported by facts and insights that embodies an authentic and matter-of-fact approach.”

Readers, she added, could also bookmark articles and subscribe to the content that matters to them, as well as re-share the articles via social media.

Ultimately, the blog was developed to understand the architecture and complexities of the telco or techco industry, she explained.

“We want to bridge the digital divide by increasing understanding of businesses, technologies, and societal benefits.”

Providing a reliable and credible platform to enable knowledge-based reporting for media partners, as well as adding insights to latest trends and TM Group’s ventures and solutions, TM invites media partners to leverage the Blog for insights and welcomes suggestions for improvements or other topics of interest.