Titiwangsa Umno Youth hosts 'bipartisan' buka puasa, Amanah says logo misused

B Nantha Kumar
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Titiwangsa Umno Youth hosts 'bipartisan' buka puasa, Amanah says logo misused
Titiwangsa Umno Youth hosts 'bipartisan' buka puasa, Amanah says logo misused

Titiwangsa Umno Youth hosted a buka puasa event last night, which was supposed to be a bipartisan affair involving Malay Muslim parties from both sides of the divide.

According to an attendance list prepared by Umno, among those supposed to be present were Federal Territories Amanah representative Anhdheer Supardy Lazuard, and an unnamed PKR representative - as well as Federal Territories PAS Youth chief Rashidi Abd Razak and Titiwangsa Bersatu Youth chief Ad Adib Shaharuddin.

Titiwangsa Umno Youth chief Nazir Hussin Akhtar Hussin confirmed this with the media when asked.

A banner featuring the logo of all five parties was also used as a backdrop for the event.

However, Amanah Youth has denied sending a representative to the breaking fast event and said the party's logo was misused.

"Our checks showed that Anhdheer, who was said to be in attendance, was not there," said Federal Territories and Titiwangsa Amanah Youth chiefs Asmaaliff Abdul Adam and Helmy Manja in a statement late last night.

"Don't tarnish this holy month with lies. We were shocked that Umno Youth misused Amanah's logo for narrow racial politics," they added.

Earlier in the night, Nazir used the event as an example in calling for top leaders of Malay Muslim parties to foster unity for the sake of the country.

"If we (youths) from Umno, PAS, Bersatu, Amanah and PKR can sit down together, why can't those at the top?

"Set aside political differences. Don't wait for after Aidilfitri... If we read the same Quran, pray to the same God, why can't we sit together?

"Regardless, our goal is to build a better future for the nation," Nazir said at a press conference at the event in Kuala Lumpur.

He hoped there could be a new coalition involving Malay-Muslim leaders.

He said Ramadan should be utilised to build ties and cool political tensions between the Malay-Muslim parties.

At present, Umno has severed ties with Bersatu, while seeking to ensure that it is PAS' sole ally for the next general election.

However, PAS and Bersatu are teaming up to pressure Umno to accept the three working together as part of Muafakat Nasional.

Meanwhile, Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and PKR president Anwar Ibrahim have been rumoured to be forming an alliance, although the former has denied that Umno will work with PKR in GE15.