These tires have been specially adapted for heavy, electric SUVs

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Continental is launching new tires with an 'HL' load index (for 'High Load').

Continental has introduced a completely new range of tires for heavy-duty vehicles. They are mainly intended for the new, increasingly heavy, electric and hybrid SUVs.

These tires have been designed to support a higher load capacity than ever before, especially for hybrid or electric SUVs that often weigh in excess of 1.5 tons. Faced with this problem, Continental is introducing the very first passenger tire with an "HL" load index (for "High Load").

Inflated to the same pressure, these tires have a higher load capacity than those built to the old XL standard. To recognize them, they display the HL code on the sidewall just ahead of the size. The load capacity of this HL tire is 825 kg, which is 10% more than the XL standard of 750 kg. The SL standard, suitable for most cars, is suitable for a maximum load of 670 kg. The load capacity of these tires is therefore almost a quarter higher than that of standard rubber.

Developing this new standard alongside the development of these increasingly heavy electric SUVs is essential. Continental also guarantees that this new tire offers low rolling resistance to maintain high mileage.