Tips For Driving Safely in a Heavy Rainstorm

freeway in the rain
Tips For Driving Safely in a Heavy RainstormBill Barfield - Getty Images

Rain is a common occurrence in most places across the country and around the world, but that doesn’t mean that driving in the rain isn’t without risk. Poor weather conditions make for more dangerous driving, however there are certain measures you can take to ensure that you are as safe as possible when driving in the rain. While you are unable to control the weather, you are completely in control of using these best practices to arrive at your destination safely in a heavy rainstorm.

Avoid Driving If Possible

Unless you must be on the road during heavy rain, try to avoid it. If you aren’t able to cancel your plans altogether, try to wait out the worst of the storm from a safe location.

car point of view driving, truck passing on a wet highway with lots of rain
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Turn Your Lights On

If you need to have your windshield wipers on, then you must turn your lights on. Headlights not only improve visibility, but they ensure other drivers can see you.

cars on motorway in the rain
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Reduce Your Speed

During a rainstorm, drive slow. Fresh rain makes roads slicker, and your risk of hydroplaning increases when vehicles are going too fast.

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Allow Extra Room For Other Vehicles

Be sure to leave extra room between your vehicle and the one in front of you in the event that you need to react quickly to whatever lies ahead.

personal perspective of person driving with navigation on road in rainy season
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Drive Gently

Sudden movements are more likely to lead to accidents when driving in the rain. Instead, brake, steer, and accelerate gently.

german motorway, bad weather conditions
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Steer Clear of Buses and Other Large Vehicles

The large tires of big vehicles can create a spray that decreases visibility, so it is best to avoid them whenever possible.

car point of view driving, truck passing on a wet highway with lots of rain
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Keep An Eye Out For Pedestrians

It is important to be mindful of pedestrians at all times, but especially during inclement weather. Watch out for pedestrians walking parallel to you along the roadway.

silhouette of a man carrying umbrella walking in downtown city street against the reflection of glowing neon lights and city buildings in heavy rain at night
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Stay In the Middle Lane

During heavy rain water usually pools in the outside lanes, which makes the middle lane the safest place to drive.

cars and trucks driving on a highway in weather
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Drive behind another vehicle

Staying in the tracks of another vehicle makes it easier for your tires to navigate water as well as any other hazards or obstacles ahead.

freeway in the rain
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Pull Over If You Need To

If conditions become unmanageable and you feel unsafe, pull over and wait until the rain slows down.

rush hour traffic in the rain
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