Tiny Kitten Stuck in Truck Frame Rescued in Escondido

A tiny kitten that had gotten stuck in the frame of a truck in Escondido, California, was rescued on Monday, May 8, according to the San Diego Humane Society (SDHS).

The driver heard meowing coming from his vehicle and, upon further inspection, found the 8-week-old kitten with her head stuck in a hole in the frame of the truck, the SDHS said.

The driver contacted the SDHS, whose staff members sedated the kitten and carefully dislodged her head, they said. The kitten was treated with antibiotics and pain medication and was recovering well, according to the SDHS.

This footage by the San Diego Humane Society shows veterinary staff sedating the black-and-white kitty from underneath the truck, as well as her recovery. Credit: San Diego Humane Society via Storyful

Video transcript

- If you can see a bolt, he's still sticking out here. I think he's past that probably about two inches or so.

Just give it a few minutes to hopefully fall asleep.

- OK.

- And then I'll start working on the head. And then if we can get the head loose, then we'll pull it out. I hope.

- Sounds good.

- You messed up, my friend. So sorry. [INAUDIBLE] push its face so my hands aren't in its mouth. I thought I had a popsicle stick. It must have flipped off of there.

- There's a-- that one? Can that help? Oh, nope.


- --I lost it in my car. I just don't want to get bit.

- I know, it's a little dirty under here too.

- It happens.


- So I guess the--



- Doing OK?

- That was all Dr. Sarvis.

- I got seven [INAUDIBLE]

- 8 point-- 8.09.



I think you're warming up. [INAUDIBLE] No, no, no.

- So cute. The eyes.