Tinder users warned to beware of Russian spies posing as dates

Tinder users warned to beware of Russian spies posing as dates

German tourists have been warned not to go on dates while in Russia with anyone they have met on an app for fear of an encounter with a spy.

The country’s foreign ministry has said that there is a risk of falling victim to a honey trap scam involving an agent working on behalf of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

Germans looking to use a popular app while on holiday in Russia have been told that they could encounter someone using the service to steal their information.

According to the Sun, a warning has been sent out which states: “Be careful on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble and co.

"There can be bad motives hidden behind new contacts. Russia is not the best destination at the moment for a first date with your online flirt."

Honey trap schemes are as old as time and involve an attractive second party faking interest in a relationship in order to find out potentially valuable secrets.

The warning was published in German journal Welt am Sonntag and comes as Western nations are on high alert during the invasion of Ukraine.

Australia and the US have both also flagged a concern of honey trap schemes being used to boost spying operations.

Konstantin von Notz, chairman of the German parliamentary control board, said: “Russia has not just been spying massively on Germany for years.

“Germany is at the centre of a Russian influence operation. Russia attempts to illegitimately influence politics, the economy and society on a number of levels."

Meanwhile, Ukraine's air force said on Saturday that Russia fired four missiles into eastern Ukraine overnight, as well as 12 Shahed drones across the country.

It said nine of the drones were shot down in four regions.Russia has launched an airstrike campaign on Ukraine's energy infrastructure over the past week, causing significant damage in several regions.