Time's Up: Huge Alligator Removed From Family Pool in Florida

A huge alligator was dragged from a Florida family’s pool after it had broken through the screen for a late-night swim.

Footage recorded by Marie St Cyr shows the alligator thrashing and rolling as four people pull it from the pool in Punta Gorda, Florida.

St Cyr told Storyful that the family was awoken at 3 am to a loud noise at the back of their house. Upon discovering the alligator they called the police and animal control.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office wrote that the alligator weighed in at more than 550 lbs and measured almost 11 feet. Credit: Marie St Cyr via Storyful

Video transcript

- He got it. He got it.

- No, he didn't.

- Yeah, yeah, he got the neck. Oh, I got to hang up.

- Up here.


- Put him on the truck. You put him there on the truck, too.

- I hear him.

- Because he's--

- Oh, he's big. Look at that.

- Yeah, very big.

- Wow.


- Mhm, yeah.

- Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold.

- It's gonna slip. Watch.

- Uh-uh. They already tied the--

- Wow.

- They got one.

- He's going back in the water. He's looking.

- You know, it's big.

- Mhm.

- You know how many that have been pulling? All four of them pulling.

- Yeah, he said he needed help. That's why he yelled.

- I know.


- He's been trying to-- oh, my god, he's so big!

- Mhm.

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