A timeline of 'Perfect Match' contestant Harry Jowsey's relationship history

Harry Jowsey in "The Perfect Match" season two.
Harry Jowsey in "The Perfect Match" season two.Ana Blumenkron / Netflix
  • "Perfect Match" season two star Harry Jowsey is one of Netflix's biggest bachelors.

  • Jowsey has appeared on multiple dating series, but has been unlucky in love.

  • Here's what to know about Harry's previous relationships and if he is dating someone now.

Harry Jowsey is single again after appearing on his second Netflix dating show.

Harry became one of the most popular "Perfect Match" season two contestants last month, after finding fame on the first series of Netflix's "Too Hot To Handle." The streamer's growing reality show empire has created an ecosystem for cast members like Jowsey to become minor celebrities.

After appearing on "Too Hot To Handle" in 2020, Harry used his newfound fame to launch a podcast and get cast on other reality series.

Naturally, fans are hungry for details about the reality star's life, leading to speculation about who he has dated. Rumors have swirled about various influencers, reality stars, and models.

Harry told Entertainment Tonight last month that he is single. But if fans are wondering which rumors are true, here are all of the reality star's confirmed relationships so far.

Francesca Farago

Harry Jowsey Francesca Farago "Too Hot To Handle"
Harry Jowsey dated Francesca Farago during the filming of "Too Hot To Handle."Netflix

Harry first met Francesca Farago on "Too Hot To Handle" in 2019, which aired in 2020.

The show challenges contestants not to be physically intimate so they can win a cash prize. The prize reduces every time they break this rule, and Harry and Francesca break it multiple times. At one point, Harry lied about kissing Francesca, letting her take the fall, but they still ended the series together.

During the reunion episode, conducted over Zoom, Harry said they split after dating for a bit when filming wrapped because a long-distance relationship was too difficult. Harry is from Australia, while Francesca is from Canada.

Harry said they got together eight months later after he drunk called her. Harry proposed to Francesca during the reunion episode with a ring pop.

Francesca said yes but told Variety in 2020 that Harry would have to propose in person for it to be official. A month after the series' release, the pair announced they had broken up again due to their geographical distance.

The couple did rekindle their romance a few times but broke up for good in 2021.

Madison Wyborny

An image of Madison Wyborny covered in body paint in "Too Hot To Handle" season one.
Madison Wyborny was another contestant on "Too Hot To Handle" season one.Courtesy of Netflix

In May 2020, Daily Mail Australia reported, citing an unnamed source, that Harry dated Madison Wyborny, another "Too Hot To Handle" costar, during a break from Francesca in 2019.

The source claimed Harry messaged Madison weeks after the show wrapped, and they began dating in December 2019 after Harry moved to LA from Australia. The source claimed Harry broke up with Madison in February 2020 to get back with Francesca.

Harry denied the story on the "Watch With US" podcast in May 2020, saying that they were never in a proper relationship and the reports were rumors spread by Madison's friends.

"We hooked up a couple of times, and then things ended with that quite quickly because she was, like, testing me," he said. "I wouldn't text her for a couple of days, and then she's like, 'Oh, you almost failed that test.'"

Harry said he had tried to contact Madison after getting back with Francesca.

"I texted her the other day to reach out and make sure everything was good, but she feels like I was being very disrespectful once we ended things or whatever," he said.

A few days later, Madison told Elite Daily that they were in a real relationship and claimed Harry's relationship with Francesca was a PR stunt.

Madison said they hooked up in October and November, but she claimed Harry wanted a serious relationship.

"He was like, 'Look, if you're going to be coming over here and spending the night at my house and cuddling with me, I don't want to get my feelings hurt. I just want you to know that you're the only girl that I'm seeing. Are we going to start seeing each other so that we can get serious, or not?'" Madison said.

Madison said she was still dating Harry in February 2020 when he got back with Francesca, adding that she found out through a friend's Instagram story that they were hanging out again.

"He could have told me, 'Hey, I'm not really feeling this anymore. I'm going to get back with Francesca,'" Madison said. "It just hurts so bad to know someone you were basically in a full-on relationship with could say such hurtful things about you, just for publicity."

Julia Rose

An image of Julia Rose in a white suit at a boxing match.
Julia Rose and Harry Jowsey have conflicting stories on how long their relationship lasted.Stephen McCarthy / Sportsfile via Getty Images

Between another break-up with Francesca in 2020, Harry briefly dated Julia Rose, an Instagram model and podcaster.

Harry told Barstool Sports' "BFFs" podcast in April 2021 that they dated for a month in October 2020 before Julia cheated on him with Jake Paul, a YouTuber.

Julia told the "Impaulsive" podcast in November 2020, which was hosted by Jake's brother Logan Paul, that she ended things with Harry before dating Jake because she felt he was dating her for the wrong reasons.

"He always would bring up like, 'My ex when we first started dating made me block you. I wasn't allowed to follow you.' And it was almost like a flex," Julia said, adding that they only dated for a week before she cut it off.

Georgia Hassarati

Georgia Hassarati on season 1 episode 8 of "Perfect Match"
Harry Jowsey dated Georgia Hassarati after she filmed "Perfect Match" season one.Netflix

Harry started dating "Too Hot To Handle" season three and "Perfect Match" season one contestant Georgia Hassarati at some point in 2022.

The pair went public in June 2022 when Georgia appeared on Harry's podcast in an episode titled "Georgia Hassarati and Harry Jowsey fell in love."

Over the next year, they dated on and off, breaking up for good in April 2023. Later that year, they accused each other of cheating.

Jessica Vestal

Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey competing in a "Perfect Match" couples challenge.
Jessica Vestal and Harry Jowsey competing in a "Perfect Match" couples challenge.Courtesy of Netflix

Harry's last public relationship was with "Perfect Match" star Jessica Vestal.

The pair met while filming season two last year and dated for half the show. However, during filming, Harry kissed another contestant behind Jessica's back and lied to her and the other contestants.

After the contestant, Melinda Berry, came forward, Jessica was unsure who to believe but decided to split from Harry.

It is unclear whether Harry ever told Jessica the truth, but he admitted to the kiss on June 25's episode of "Boyfriend Material."

He also said he spent another week in Tulum, Mexico with Jessica and went on holiday to Cancún, Mexico after filming finished to work on their relationship, but it didn't work out.

The series finale's credits said the pair broke up a month after filming.

Secret relationship

Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey dancing.
Jowsey dressed as 2000s-era Justin Timberlake when he and Arnold danced to a *Nsync song on music video night.Eric McCandless/Disney

In April, Harry mentioned on his podcast, "Boyfriend Material with Harry Jowsey," that he secretly dated someone else in the fall of 2023 but didn't share the woman's name.

"I was madly in love with this girl," Harry said.

He said they broke up because of reports that he was dating Rylee Arnold, his dancing partner on "Dancing With The Stars" season 32.

"It ended up ending, and it fizzled out because it's so difficult to see your boyfriend or girlfriend on 'Dancing with the Stars' being that close with someone else," Harry added.

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