Timeline of events leading up to conviction of Holly Willoughby kidnap plotter

A security guard has been found guilty of plotting to kidnap, rape and murder TV presenter Holly Willoughby.

Gavin Plumb spoke online about how ambushing the star at her home was his “ultimate fantasy” and had purchased an “abduction kit” to help him carry out his plan.

Gavin Plumb court case
Court artist drawing of Gavin Plumb (Elizabeth Cook/PA)

Here is a timeline of events leading up to the 37-year-old’s conviction:

– 2006

August 14 – Plumb attempts to kidnap an air hostess on a train by handing her a note telling her to get off at the next station or he will “shoot you, myself and everyone else”.

August 16 – The defendant attempted to kidnap another air stewardess by pretending to be a police officer and asking her to get off at the next station with him.

He was later found with an imitation firearm, rope and various notes he had used or intended to use to try to get women off trains.

– 2007

March 16 – Plumb pleads guilty to two counts of attempted kidnap.

He was later sentenced to a prison term of 12 months, suspended for two years, with supervision and activity requirements.

– 2008

December 11 – The defendant attempts to falsely imprison two 16-year-old girls at a shop – tying one victim’s hands behind their back with rope and tape.

– 2009

June 15 – Plumb pleads guilty to two counts of false imprisonment.

He was later jailed for 32 months and served 16 months of the sentence in prison.

– 2011

September 11 – The defendant searches “how to meet people who plan to kidnap celebs” on Google.

– 2021

December 28-29 – Plumb engages in a “highly sexualised” discussion online with a man named Marc about a potential “home invasion” after identifying where Ms Willoughby lived.

– 2022

February – The defendant tells Marc kidnapping Ms Willoughby has been his “ultimate fantasy for way too long”, before adding: “I’m now at the point that fantasy isn’t enough anymore. I want the real thing.”

June – Plumb shares an image of a “dungeon” type room where he wanted the TV presenter to be kept.

– 2023

July 23 – August 25 – The defendant tells a man online named Alfie Noakes that the things he would do to Ms Willoughby would “put me (on) death row”.

August 23-25 – Online discussions show Plumb told a man, who went by the name of Josh Green, of his plans for a “night time home invasion” at Ms Willoughby’s home.

October 3 – An undercover police officer with the Owatonna Police Department in the US state of Minnesota spots the defendant post a photo of Ms Willoughby on an online group called “Abduct Lovers”, and that he has a “load of info on her”.

Plumb sends the officer a video of his “abduction kit”, as well as an image of chloroform, and the officer shows the defendant a fake flight confirmation from the US to the UK to show him he was willing to be an accomplice in the plot.

October 4 – Essex police informed by the FBI of a possible threat to Ms Willoughby.

Officers force entry into Plumb’s home and arrest him on suspicion of conspiracy to kidnap.