Time to regain people's trust after defeat in Sarawak - state DAP chief

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Time to regain people's trust after defeat in Sarawak - state DAP chief
Time to regain people's trust after defeat in Sarawak - state DAP chief

Sarawak DAP should focus on regaining the trust of the people after suffering a huge defeat in the state elections last month, said its chairperson Chong Chieng Jen.

He said, to achieve this, there are three things they must do: continue to serve the people, have more youth participation in decision-making positions in the party, and step up publicity.

“For us, DAP Sarawak, in 2021, we suffered a huge defeat in the Sarawak state elections.

“Therefore, it is timely that we have this ordinary convention. It gives us the opportunity to reset and restart our party (and) gives our delegates an opportunity to decide the future direction of the party.

“Moving forward, the main task of our new state committee is to regain and win back the trust and confidence of the people in our party,” Chong (above) said in his address during the Sarawak DAP ordinary convention 2022 held today.

Sarawak DAP contested 26 constituencies in the state election last December but only managed to retain two incumbent seats. They also lost five of their incumbent seats in the process.

Chong said it is heartening to see many of their grassroots leaders continue to provide service to the people, despite losing in the elections.

He also urged for more youth participation in the main decision-making body of the state party - the state committee.

“Unlike the other parties which have announced that they will set up a youth wing as a subsidiary body catering to those between 18-28 years of age, we shall invite more in this age group to be in the state committee, empowering them to make decisions state-wide,” he said.

He noted that Sarawak DAP still holds the record of being the youngest in average age for those in the highest decision-making committees among all political parties in Sarawak.

Aside from that, Chong said the state DAP leaders must adapt to the times and acknowledge the increasing importance of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube in increasing publicity.

“In politics, it is not only the content of the communication that is important, but also equally important is whether such content can effectively reach the people.

“Therefore, our publicity and method of communication must either adapt and evolve or we become obsolete and extinct,” he said.

While some may have a sentiment of “doom and gloom” due to the political crises that have happened since the 14th general election (GE14), Chong said they must not give up hope.

He said no one expected Umno-BN to be defeated in GE14, but Pakatan Harapan managed to do so.

“If we could do it the first time, there is no reason why we cannot do it the second time,” he said.

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